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Freestanding Clothing Rack By PIPE DECOR

Freestanding Clothing Rack By PIPE DECOR

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This easy to assemble freestanding clothing rack, made from authentic steel pipe, will have your room looking organized in no time. Don't let the simple design fool you, our heavy-duty pipe coupled with six malleable iron floor flanges and assorted fittings will let you show your clothes off with pride. An industrial clothing rack is a great way to not only showcase your unique fashion, but also your keen eye for modern industrial design. You will know Pipe Decor parts and accessories when you hold them. Beauty and beast. Strength and style. This is real industrial pipe for your decoration and designs. Accept no substitutes. All our pipe and fittings come coated in a light industrial grease to prevent rusting. We highly recommend that you clean and seal each piece, before assembly, to ensure that they stay rust-free. Sealing the pipe with polyurethane spray will protect it from rust and scratches. Your hands may get a little dirty, but that is the price of high-quality industrial pipe fittings.

  • Assembled rack measures 38.5 in. L x 49.5 in. H x 22.5 in. D
  • Great for commercial, retail, residential spaces, or a kid's room
  • Kit contains genuine, heavy-duty, schedule 40, industrial plumbers' pipe, nipples and fittings
  • Pipe color can vary from dark grey to black
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