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At PIPE DECOR®, we believe that furniture can be both sophisticated and sustainable. Our RESTORE line of solid wood tabletops, shelves, desktops, and benchtops offers you the opportunity to create furniture that’s truly one of a kind. Each piece of reclaimed wood is wire-brushed, then meticulously hand-stained to achieve a unique artisan finish.

All of our wood is unique in both color and grain, so no two products are exactly alike. Our finishing process enhances the existing characteristics of each piece for a final look that’s both rustic and industrial. Every knot becomes a beautiful accent, while the natural wood grain offers organic movement to the finished piece.

Unlike what you’ll find at big box stores, this is not commercially mass-produced pressboard. Our RESTORE collection consists of real wood tabletops, shelves, desktops, and benchtops, ethically harvested right here in North America in partnership with Mexico’s Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the Forest Stewardship Council of the United States.  

Our lumber has been collected after forest fires or acquired through preventative deforestation to reduce the severity of future fires. We employ low-impact logging methods that help protect and preserve the land on which each piece is gathered. When paired with real pipes and fittings, you can create an heirloom accent that will stand the test of time.

Thank you for helping us RESTORE the planet.

Now Offering Live Edge

Bring the forest home with PIPE DECOR’s real, live edge wood. Our RESTORE collection of live edge shelves, tabletops, and more offers a chic, distressed look that feels refined yet rustic. The live edge incorporates the natural exterior of the tree into the shelf’s final design.

The finished product has an organic flow and singular character that can’t be replicated. No two are alike!

With live edge wood, you might see lateral knots, bark inclusions, or marks where the tree was affected by wildfires. These are purely aesthetic and will not affect the quality or longevity of your shelf. Every shelf is inspected to ensure consistent quality and durability. 

This is where the power of nature meets the craftsmanship of the human hand. The undulating, dynamic movement of live edge wood pairs well with any home decor scheme, including modern, farmhouse, industrial, rustic, retro, vintage, and more. Durable, solid wood will stand the test of time. Create a statement heirloom piece that will last for life.

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Sustainably Harvested

Buy with peace of mind knowing that our wood is responsibly gathered from well-managed forests that are continuously replenished, ensuring there is no damage to the surrounding environment or to native flora and fauna.

Variety of Options

Here at PIPE DECOR, we’re always looking for the next best thing⁠—from new product designs to different sizes and finishes. Our RESTORE line has a great selection of colors, finishes, and sizes to fit any project.

Real Solid Wood

No shortcuts here! All of our RESTORE products are 100% real, solid wood, boasting a natural beauty that is perfectly suited for a variety of aesthetics.

Different Styles

Now offering a variety of edges to choose from: straight, pillowed, and live edge, available in our wood-only products as well as our DIY kits.

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