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24 in. Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack (Wall Mounted)

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Get organized and make a statement with our PIPE DECOR pipe clothes hanger! PIPE DECOR's easy-to-assemble industrial pipe clothing rack (wall mounted) is made from authentic steel pipe to enhance the look of any retail or home space. 

Update your storefront, guest room, or closet with a minimalist metal rack for hanging clothes. Our racks allow you to easily display your favorite clothes for your customers or for yourself. A pipe clothes hanger is a great way to not only showcase your unique fashions, but also your shrewd sense of style. There is no substitute for this simple and sturdy design.

These sturdy kits come complete with all pipes, fittings, and hardware to build one industrial pipe clothing rack (wall mounted). Each piece is the standard size and weight used in traditional plumbing applications. Our pipes are durable, so you never have to worry about your furniture failing to deliver. Each pipe clothes hanger is weight-tested to hold up to 50 lbs. with anchors and screws. Don't accept cheap substitutes available in miniature sizes or decorative materials. PIPE DECOR is the real deal.

Preparation is easy. All of our pipes come coated with a protective oil to prevent rust during transit. We recommend wearing gloves and using degreasing wipes or sprays to clean each piece. Coat with metal polish, wood wax, or clear coat to prevent rusting. Step-by-step cleaning and sealing instructions are included in every order.

Assembly is required.

  • Assembled industrial pipe clothing rack (wall mounted) measures 27 in. wide (24 usable hanging inches) and 12 in. deep
  • Kit uses 1/2 in. pipe and fittings; included are (2) flanges, (2) 12 inch pipes, (1) 24 inch pipe, (2) 90 degree elbows, (8) screws with anchors
  • Pipe clothes hanger is made from welded Sch. 40 steel and the final color varies from dark grey to black
  • Weight tested to hold up to 50 lbs. with anchors and screws; we recommend screwing at least one side into a wood stud, if possible
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    Height (in.)3 in.
    Width (in.)27 in.
    Depth (in.)12 in.
    MaterialBlack Steel, Malleable Iron
    Wood included?No
    Sticker-free pipe?Yes
    Assembly required?Yes
    Clean & seal required?Yes
    InstructionsClean & Seal Instructions , Build Instructions
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    The Perfect Storage Tool

    Our clothing racks are available with or without shelves to keep your items nice and organized. They’re the perfect space-saving option for any home, office, or business.

    Put It On Display

    A clothing rack isn’t just a great organization tool. It’s also the perfect way to display clothing in your shop or boutique, at home in your bedroom, or in any entryway so you can grab your jacket on your way out the door.

    We Can Do It All

    Whether it’s wall-mounted, freestanding, galvanized, or noir we
    have multiple options to choose from to fit your style and organizational needs.

    Dream With No Limits

    Our clothing racks are easily customizable so you can add or remove pieces as needed. Need something wider? Taller? No problem! We offer additional pieces so you can adjust your kit accordingly.

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    Looking for something different?

    Take a peek at our different pre-designed kits to find the right piece your space needs.

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