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Customer Creations: Innovative Uses of Wood Table Tops Blog's Cover

Customer Creations: Innovative Uses of Wood Table Tops

We’re always eager to see the innovative ways our PIPE DECOR® community uses our products, and today, we’re excited to share some standout uses of wood table tops that have brought a dash of DIY charm to homes and businesses. We’ve got six unique projects that blend function with flair, each featuring innovative uses of wood table tops with our versatile pipe legs. So, let’s delve into these tales of transformation and find some inspiration for your next project.

Rhonda Glenn's Live Edge Coffee Table

Live Edge Coffee Table 

Our first feature is this gorgeous live-edge coffee table. Crafted from a slab of wood with its natural edge intact, this table sports a glossy finish that highlights every ring and groove. Supporting this beautiful wood table top are matte black pipe table legs from PIPE DECOR® which blend well with the earthy tones of the tabletop. These legs are a stable foundation that anchors the piece firmly on the ground.

Topping this display is a copper tree sculpture which provides a striking contrast to the wood’s natural curves. The overall design blends natural elements with industrial materials, creating a functional yet stylish piece. It stands as a rustic yet refined centerpiece in a cozy, nature-inspired living space.

Paula Wine Cork Side Table with Roots End Table By PIPE DECOR

Wine Cork Side Table  

This next one is a trio of side tables, each showcasing a wood table top inlaid with wine corks. The corks create a textured surface that is visually appealing and is sure to start conversations. Its warm, natural tones offer a beautiful contrast to the cool, dark hues of the pipe table legs.

Industrial pipe legs support the wood table tops with a unique twist in their design. The pipes are configured in a series of bends and curves which gives it a unique shape that not only adds visual interest but also embodies the fusion of functionality and creative design.

Jacqueline Grimm's End Table with H Leg Pipe Legs

Round Live Edge Side Table 

Next up is this charming, round, live-edge side table that combines rustic appeal with industrial design. The wood table top showcases the natural, unrefined edge of the wood, emphasizing its organic shape and warm, inviting texture.

The smooth wood table top treated to withstand elements, pairs beautifully with the sleek PIPE DECOR® legs, creating an eye-catching addition to any modern or eclectic decor.

Jean Tzintzun's Coffee Table with Streetlights Pipe Legs

Two-Tiered Wood Coffee Table 

Check out this tiered coffee table with a light-toned wood table top. Paired with industrial pipe legs, it captures the essence of rustic-modern decor. The wood table top used showcases the natural patterns of the wood grain, along with the distinctive live edges that hint at its organic origins. The natural knots and swirls are accentuated by a clear finish, giving it a clean look that combines well with the industrial vibe of the pipe legs.

Beneath this is a secondary shelf that provides ample space for books, decorative items, or simply a convenient spot to tuck away the remote. The pipe legs provide stability and visual interest with the curves in their design, complementing the simplicity of the wood table top. The added accessories turned this simple coffee table into a unique centerpiece that brings warmth and character to the space.

Carrey Mammenga's Table with Barrel Top and PIPE DECOR PIPE Leg

Barrel Top Pipe Leg Table 

There’s nothing quite like up-cycling and repurposing materials into wonderful new creations. Like this cool side table with a section of a wooden barrel, complete with a curved metal band around it as the tabletop. The worn-out look of the wood and metal band shows the material’s history and tells a story that gives this DIY table its rustic charm.

The base is constructed from an intricate assembly of black pipes, forming a complex adjustable support structure. These include tees, elbows, and flanges, all contributing to the table’s stability and adjustable height. This table stands out for its blend of up-cycled materials and industrial hardware, creating a focal point in any setting, be it a tasting room in a distillery, a quirky furniture piece in an industrial-themed room, or a standout decor piece in a modern home.

PIPE DECOR's Amazon Customer's Ergonomic Desk with PIPE DECOR Pipe Legs

Ergonomic Desk

Rounding out our list is this chic, ergonomic pipe desk. It features an ergonomically shaped wood table top that allows for ease of use over long periods. The desk also features a tiered section, adding depth and providing compartments and an elevated space for extra utility.

The table stands on four slender, black pipe legs that offer an industrial contrast to the bright and smooth surface of the wood table top. These legs are fixed to the tabletop with flanges to ensure stability and strength.

There you have it - six innovative uses of wood table tops by our awesome PIPE DECOR® community. These projects show just how versatile wood table tops are and the many ways they can be transformed with a little creativity and PIPE DECOR® legs. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the endless possibilities. With the right materials and a dash of imagination, you can build pieces that not only serve a purpose but also tell a story.

Feeling inspired? Why not bring your own vision to life with our range of wood table tops and pipe legs? Start your project today and join our awesome PIPE DECOR® community in crafting unique DIY industrial furniture.


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