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Industrial Furniture DIY Tips: Creating Custom Pieces with PIPE DECOR®

Hello crafters, tinkerers, and design enthusiasts! We’re here to give you more tips on creating custom DIY furniture with PIPE DECOR®. Crafting with PIPE DECOR® gives your DIY furniture an industrial twist. It’s like opening a door to endless possibilities. It’s where raw materials meet imagination to create one-of-a-kind industrial furniture pieces.

Today we’re giving you advanced tips on creating custom DIY furniture with PIPE DECOR®. These tips will help you unlock the true potential of PIPE DECOR®. From sturdy desks to ambient lighting, we’re here to guide you through creating your industrial furniture masterpieces.

PIPE DECOR Clean and Seal

The Essential First Step: Cleaning and Sealing

Before we dive into the artistry of crafting DIY industrial furniture, there’s an essential first step that sets the foundation for a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish: cleaning and sealing your pipes. This important first step helps protect your DIY furniture from the elements and enhances its industrial appeal.

Choosing the Right Products

It’s important to choose the right cleaning and sealing products with the right formulations specifically designed for metal pipes. These will offer the best protection against rust, corrosion, and wear, keeping the integrity and look of your DIY furniture intact.

The Easy Solution

For those seeking a straightforward approach, the PIPE DECOR® Clean and Seal Kit is what you’re looking for. This all-in-one solution includes everything you need to prepare your pipes for their transformation. This kit is complete from cleaning solutions to sealing applications, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free start to your DIY projects.

Once you’re pipes and fittings are cleaned and sealed, you can start on your DIY furniture masterpiece.

X Desk By PIPE DECOR bought by a customer

Desk Design: The Foundation of Your Workspace

The desk is the backbone of your workspace and with PIPE DECOR®, you can craft the perfect hub of creativity and productivity. With a clear design vision, you can craft desks for any purpose. From simple writing surfaces to an impressive workstation with tons of built-in storage and ample space for your tech, building an industrial desk is possible with PIPE DECOR®.

With a simple design, all you’ll need are pipe legs and a wood table top. Simply get the dimensions needed and screw in the pipe legs to your tabletop. But what if you can go even further to elevate your designs? Here are some advance tips:

Expand with Tees and Crosses

Unleash the full potential of your desk design with tees and crosses. These simple yet versatile PIPE DECOR® components are great for extending your desk’s framework, adding layers of extensions ideal for additional shelving or for better ergonomics. Turn simple lines in your design into complex layers of overlapping pipes at different angles for an elevated desk design.

Custom Lengths with Couplings

Have you ever had to stop in the middle of the project because you were a few inches short of your dimensions? The quest for the perfect fit ends here. Couplings allow you to connect pipes with precision, achieving the exact dimensions required to make your desk a seamless fit for your space. Need your desk legs to be higher? Slap on a coupling and add in another pipe with the length you need to achieve the perfect height. Need to connect two pipes of different sizes? Use a reducing coupling to get the job done. Couplings open up more possibilities for your DIY furniture designs.

Stability with Flanges

A wobbly desk is a no-go for any workspace. Say goodbye to shaky desks by incorporating flanges at pivotal points in your design. Whether anchoring the legs to the floor for a grounded feel or securing the legs firmly to your tabletop, flanges infuse your desk with added stability.

Illuminating Your Space with Industrial Lighting

Light plays an important role in any room and any setting. Proper lighting not only helps prevent eye strain, it also sets the mood in your space. The industrial lighting designs from PIPE DECOR® not only illuminate your workspace but also stand as a testament to your style.

Elevate your lighting design by adding a few components to the mix for a more distinct look. Here are some examples of how to do it:

Joining Forces with Unions

You might think that creating intricate designs for light fixtures is impossible to do with pipes. However, with unions, you can create complex and intricate designs for your light fixtures effortlessly. Similar to couplings, unions are used to join two pipes together. These components are especially handy when you’re working with pipes that need to be positioned in a specific orientation. An example would be a looped design where in pipes can be connected to create a perfect loop. This results in unique designs that transcend the light fixture's function and add an industrial charm to any space.

Wall Sconces for Subtle Flair

Incorporate wall sconces into your design for a touch of understated elegance. These fixtures can flank your desk area, providing just the right light while saving precious desk space. Attaching sconces to walls is made easy with flanges. PIPE DECOR® flanges are the perfect components to secure your industrial sconces on the wall. Simply connect your light fixture to the flange and drill it into the wall to secure your sconces.

Crafting DIY industrial furniture is a rewarding experience. With creative application of PIPE DECOR® components, your furniture becomes stories of innovation and style. Embrace this journey with PIPE DECOR® and let your industrial furniture creations stand as a testament to your creativity and craftsmanship.


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