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  • Pros and Cons of an Open Wardrobe
    February 10, 2023

    Pros and Cons of an Open Wardrobe

    Open wardrobes offer a convenient way to organize your clothes, but they may not be for everyone. Here's a quick look at the pros and cons: If you're ready to embrace the pros, check out PIPE DECOR® for clothing rack kits to kickstart your open wardrobe project.
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  • Pipe Coffee Tables: A Shopping Guide
    January 31, 2023

    Pipe Coffee Tables: A Shopping Guide

    Discover unique pipe coffee tables and table legs by PIPE DECOR® to elevate your living room. From vintage-inspired to modern designs, find the perfect centerpiece for your space. Shop now and transform your room with style.
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  • Rusting Metal Pipe
    January 17, 2023

    How to Prevent Rust in Pipe Furniture

    Steel pipes are an excellent choice for furniture and home decor, but they can rust if not properly maintained. Learn why pipes rust and discover preventive measures, including cleaning, sealing, and painting, to ensure your pipe furniture stays rust-free.
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  • wall mounted clothing rack
    December 30, 2022

    5 Ways to Get Organized in the New Year

    Start the new year with a clean slate. Learn five practical ways to declutter and organize your home. Say goodbye to holiday decorations, set a schedule, declutter room by room, assign a home for every item, and consider additional storage options.
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  • Modern and minimal Kitchen setup
    December 13, 2022

    Top Home Decor Trends for 2023

    Discover the top home decor trends for 2023 as we approach the new year. From timeless minimalism to high-tech elements and the return of floral patterns, these trends offer fresh ideas for redecorating your home.
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  • 2022 Pipe Decor Holiday Gift Guide
    November 23, 2022

    PIPE DECOR'S 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

    Looking for the perfect gifts for DIY enthusiasts this holiday season? Explore PIPE DECOR's 2022 holiday gift guide with options for all budgets. Discover industrial-inspired presents they'll cherish. Download the catalog for gift inspiration!
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  • PIPE DECOR® Man Cave Inspired Design
    November 14, 2022

    9 Pipe Furniture Ideas for Your Man Cave

    Revamp your man cave with DIY pipe furniture for a unique and stylish look. From a bar cart to bar counters, stools, and entertainment centers, add character with pipe light fixtures, shelving, and hooks. Create a standout hangout space with the strength and style of DIY pipe furniture.
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