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Our Top Picks: Customer Builds Featuring Pipe Shelves Cover

Our Top Picks: Customer Builds Featuring Pipe Shelves

There’s nothing we love more than seeing how our creative customers put their own spin on PIPE DECOR®. From cozy nooks to chic boutiques, the versatility of these pipe shelves has been showcased in countless innovative ways. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite customer builds that demonstrate the flexibility of pipe shelves and offer a wealth of inspiration for your next DIY project.

Three Tiered Shelves with PIPE DECOR

Three-Tiered Pipe Shelf For The Nursery

This is one of our absolute favorites. A charming three-tiered pipe shelf for the nursery. This build perfectly balances utility and aesthetics, transforming a simple storage solution into an enchanting nursery feature. It’s ingeniously used to house baby books, accessories, and various baby care products. The warm wood tones paired with a sturdy pipe frame create a cozy and functional space, perfect for keeping all the essentials within arm’s reach. It’s a wonderful example of how pipe shelves can add both charm and organization to a nursery.

Kitchen with a twist from PIPE DECOR

Kitchen Pipe Shelf With a Twist

Another one of our top picks is this custom kitchen pipe shelf, which brilliantly incorporates added hooks for hanging cups and kitchen utensils. The custom pipe shelf is strategically placed to maximize kitchen space. It can hold kitchen appliances, spices, and kitchen essentials, and can even serve as a stylish mug display. The industrial pipes complement the kitchen's vibe, while the added hooks show the versatility of the custom pipe shelf. This build combines both style and function, proving that pipe shelves can be as fashionable as they are practical.

Pet Feeding Station

Pet Feeding Station

Pipe shelves are versatile and easy to build, and you can use them any way you want. Just like this modified pipe shelf turned into a pet feeding station. Set low on the wall, it’s a convenient spot for pet bowls, making feeding time easier and more organized. The rustic wood top adds a homely touch, while the pipes ensure durability - an essential for pet-friendly homes. It’s a creative and thoughtful use of space, showcasing the unique ways pipe shelves can be customized to suit any member of the family, even the furry ones!

Industrial Shelving

Industrial Chic Pipe Shelf Store Display

Pipe shelves aren’t just for home use. This custom store display by one of our customers is a testament to the versatility of pipe shelves. The pipe’s raw appeal paired with wood shelves creates an eye-catching display area that will surely give any store an aesthetic boost. It’s not just a shelf; it’s a statement piece that elevates the entire store’s ambiance. This setup highlights the commercial potential of pipe shelves, proving they’re a perfect fit for retail environments that need both style and a sturdy display area.

Clothing Rack with Shelves

Custom Clothes Rack with Pipe Shelves

One more awesome creation in our top picks is this custom clothes rack with integrated shelves. This project combines the utility of a wardrobe with the sophistication of open shelving. It’s perfect for small spaces, offering a room for clothing while the shelves house accessories, shoes, or decor items. It’sa stellar example of how pipe shelves can be transformed to meet specific needs, providing a stylish and organized clothing storage solution.

There you have it - a showcase of ingenuity and style from our very own PIPE DECOR® community! Each of these top picks highlights the beauty and functionality of pipe shelves. Each build is unique, yet all share a common theme - transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Whether for a nursery, kitchen, commercial establishment, or bedroom, pipe shelves offer endless possibilities for customization and style. We hope these awesome creations inspired you to get started on your DIY project. Remember, with a bit of imagination and PIPE DECOR®, the potential to elevate any space is limitless. Happy building, and we look forward to seeing how you make PIPE DECOR® uniquely yours!


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