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36 in. Boulder Black Wall-Mounted Rack with 5 Hooks by Brittani with PIPE DECOR®

Beginner’s Guide to DIY Pipe Furniture: Crafting a Wall Mounted Hook Rack with Five Hooks

Are you itching to dip your toes into the wonderful world of DIY furniture but don’t know where to start? Or are you just looking for a different approach to your design? DIY pipe furniture offers endless design possibilities and allows you to add a personal touch to your space.

DIY pipe furniture is all about using industrial pipes and fittings to create furniture. The beauty lies in its simplicity and versatility - you’re playing with LEGOs, but the grown-up version. Plus, it’s sturdy and gives off an edgy vibe that’s surprisingly easy to put together. 

Whether you’re looking to create statement pieces or functional decor - from the humble pipe hooks to a full-sized pipe bed frame, you’ve got a lot of options with DIY pipe furniture.

For this project, we’ll be making a pipe hook rack from PIPE DECOR®. It’s simple and beginner-friendly but is also a versatile fixture that can give any space an industrial chic vibe. 

If the thought of turning simple pipes into a cool piece of furniture seems daunting, we have some good news for you. This guide will show you that crafting your pipe furniture is not just incredibly rewarding, but also a lot easier than you might think. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a newbie with a hammer, this guide is your ticket to crafting a stylish pipe hook rack that goes well with any decor.

 36 in.  Wall-Mounted Rack with 5 Hooks

Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks

The Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks from PIPE DECOR® comes in a kit with everything you need. All you need to do is to assemble it. Don’t let this simple project fool you. These pipe hooks are sturdy and versatile. And with its rustic look, it’s a great way to get organized with style. Pipe hooks offer a lot of utility in a simple package.


Parts List

This kit comes with all the necessary parts and hardware you need to assemble the Restore Solid Wood Dining Table.






½” Flange



½” Cap



½” Close Nipple



½” 90° Elbow






Wood Screws



36” Wood Piece



Wall mounting template is also included for easy setup. You’ll also need a drill with a ¼” bit and a screw driver to install the hook rack to the wall.

PIPE DECOR Clean and Seal

Cleaning and Sealing

Before we start the assembly, there’s a crucial step we need to do first. PIPE DÉCOR ®industrial pipes and fittings are coated with a rust preventive oil during manufacturing. Before assembling, it's important to clean and seal the steel pipes to ensure that they are free from rust and protected from moisture. You can clean your pipes using regular de-greasing dish soap and Wash Cloths. Here's how: 

Step 1: Using your utility sink or your kitchen sink, wash pipes and fittings with warm water and use regular decreasing soap until the oil is removed and rinse well. 

Step 2: Using a clean washcloth, wipe the pipes dry. Make sure the pipes and fittings are completely dry before proceeding to sealing.  

Step 3: You can seal pipes using either a polyurethane matte or satin finish spray or a finishing wax. 

Polyurethane Spray: Spray each dry pipe and fitting with a polyurethane matte or satin finish and wait until completely dry before assembling. 

Finishing Wax: Coat each dry pipe with a finishing wax. Wait 20 minutes before polishing with a wash cloth by wiping them down. Faster wiping will result in a shinier finish.

Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks

Step 1: Place the included wall mounting template sheet to the wood piece. Make sure they are aligned. Poke holes in the template at the marked crosshairs  using a screw.

 Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 1

Note: You can choose to mount this rack  using hidden wall mounting screws or exposed screws. Use the spots marked in the template in the center of each flange for the hidden screw mount. Use the marks in between if you’d rather have an exposed screw mount.

 Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 1.2

Step 2: Attach flanges to wood piece. Align holes to the previously marked areas. Drill pilot holes for the screws that will mount the wood piece to the walls (in the center of the flanges for hidden screw mounts, or the other marked areas for exposed screw mounts)

 Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 2

Step 3: Locate wall studs using a stud finder. Once wall stud is located, use a level and align the wood piece at the desired location. Using a pencil, mark where the top of the wood is and through the pre-drilled holes for the screw mounts.

 Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 4

Step 4: If mounting to a wall with no studs, wall anchors need to be installed first. Drill pilot holes in the marked holes from step 5 to the wall using 1/4” drill bit. Then insert anchor fully into pilot hole using hammer and Phillips screwdriver as needed.

 Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 4

Step 5: Attach the rack to the wall through the pre-drilled holes using included screws.


Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 5

Step 6: Attach the ½” Cap to the ½” 90° Elbow, and attach the ½” Close Nipple . Do this for the remaining parts to assemble the five hooks.


Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 6

Step 7: Attach the five hooks to the flanges on the hook rack.
Assembling the Wall Mounted Rack with Five Hooks Step 7

And there you have it – a rustic DIY pipe hook rack. These nifty pipe hooks bring versatility and flair to any space. Use it as a coat hanger in the hallway, or a place to hang bags in the bedroom.

36 in. Boulder Black Wall-Mounted Rack with 5 Hooks

We hope you enjoyed our guide for this simple DIY project. But don’t stop here, there’s many more pipe furniture you can create. This isn’t just about building pipe furniture; it’s about creating pieces that tell a story, add character to your space, and showcase your amazing DIY skills. So, grab those pipes and craft some more cool, custom pieces that’ll add a dose of personality to your home. Happy crafting!

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