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Year-End Reflection PIPE DECOR® Highlights and Exciting Plans for the New Year

Year-End Reflection: PIPE DECOR® Highlights and Exciting Plans for the New Year

As we close out the year, it’s time to reflect on the exciting journey we’ve had at PIPE DECOR® It’s been a year of innovation, creativity, and meaningful connections with our community. Let’s recap some of our key highlights from the past year and give you a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming one.

Best-Selling Products of the Year

Each year, certain products stand out due to their popularity and the value they bring to our customers’ lives. This year was no exception, as we saw a variety of our PIPE DECOR® products becoming household favorites. Let’s dive into the products that captured the hearts of our customers and became our top sellers, setting the tone for what’s in demand in the world of industrial home decor.

Wall Mounted Double Hung Clothing Rack

Wall Mounted Double Hung Clothing Rack A standout product offering a stylish and practical solution for clothing storage. Our customers also liked the Noir variant of the double-hung clothing rack which added a sleek, modern twist to our classic design, becoming a favorite for contemporary interiors.

Freestanding Clothing Rack

Freestanding Clothing Rack Versatile and robust, this rack became a go-to for those seeking an easy-to-assemble and stylish clothing storage option.

PIPE DECOR® Complete Clean and Seal Kit

PIPE DECOR® Complete Clean and Seal Kit Essential for maintaining the quality and longevity of pipe-based products, this kit was highly sought after by our DIY enthusiasts.

Freestanding Double Clothing Rack

Freestanding Double Clothing Rack Doubling the storage capacity, this rack became popular among those who needed extra space with the same industrial aesthetic.

Most Read Blog

Most Read Blog Posts 

Our blog has been a cornerstone for sharing knowledge, inspiration, and practical advice with our community. It’s where we connect over shared interests in DIY projects and home decor solutions. This year, several posts captured our readers’ attention more than others. These articles provided valuable information and inspired a wave of creativity among our readers. Let’s look at the blog posts that topped the charts and why they were so influential and popular.

Pros and Cons of an Open Wardrobe

Pros and Cons of an Open Wardrobe This post struck a chord with readers looking to declutter and reorganize their spaces. It offered an honest assessment of open wardrobe systems, helping many to decide if this trend suited their lifestyle and space constraints. Its popularity reflected a growing interest in minimalist and efficient home designs.


Ultimate Guide To Fittings

Ultimate Guide To Fittings
As DIY projects continue to rise in popularity, this comprehensive guide has become a go-to resource. It demystified the various types of pipe fittings and their applications, making it a favorite for both novice and experienced DIYers planning their projects.
How to Make a DIY Pipe Desk

How to Make a DIY Pipe Desk This step-by-step guide catered to the increasing trend of home offices and personalized workspaces. It became popular for its clear instructions and practical tips, inspiring readers to create functional and stylish work areas in their homes.

How to Clean Your PIPE DECOR®

How to Clean Your PIPE DECOR® Maintenance is key to longevity, and this post provided essential tips on keeping pipe decor products looking their best. Its popularity underscored our customers’ desire to maintain the aesthetic and durability of their PIPE DECOR® investments.

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Pipe Clothes Hanger This practical DIY guide responded to the need for space-saving and creative storage solutions. Its popularity was driven by its usefulness, especially in urban homes where space is limited. This blog showed readers that unique, custom furniture is possible even in limited spaces.

Social Media Most Liked Posts

Social media is not just a platform for sharing content; it’s a vibrant community where ideas blossom, and inspiration is contagious. This year, our social media channels transformed into bustling hubs of creativity and interaction. Each post, like, and comment wove a story of shared interests and passions. From showcasing our products in real-life settings to celebrating the creativity of our customers, our social media platforms became a canvas for expression and connection. Here are some of the posts that you loved this year and some of the clever DIY creations you shared with us:

Top performing posts IG:


Top performing posts FB:


Exciting Plans for the New Year

As we look ahead, the horizon is bright with plans and ambitions for PIPE DECOR®. This new year will be filled with new ideas, product lines, and ways to connect with our community. So get excited and follow us on social media for future updates!

2023 has been a great year for PIPE DECOR® and we owe it all to our wonderful community. Your support and engagement have been the driving force behind our success. As we step into the new year, we’re energized to continue offering innovative products and inspiring ideas. Here’s to a new year brimming with creativity, innovation, and shared success! Happy New Year from all of us here at PIPE DECOR®


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