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The Skyline Collection: Modern Aesthetic for The Modern Home Blog Cover

The Skyline Collection: Modern Aesthetic for The Modern Home

Step into the realm of chic sophistication with the Skyline Table Leg Collection by PIPE DECOR®. Contemporary design meets urban inspiration. With an array of designs to choose from, the Skyline Collection offers the perfect blend of form, function, and style. What sets the Skyline Collection apart is its aesthetic appeal and ability to infuse contemporary interiors with a unique, refined touch. Let's explore how this collection can transform your living spaces into modern sanctuaries of style and functionality.

Skyline Solid Reclaimed Wood

Real Materials. Real Quality.

The skyline collection is made from real materials that promise real quality. The sleek lines and precise angles are engineered to offer stability, ensuring that whatever tabletop you use, these legs will stand firm and steady. These table legs are more than just supports; they embody strength and resilience.

Its matte black finish offers a sleek, refined look to any space. Still, these aren’t just for show - it’s also a protective layer that makes these table legs resistant to scratches and corrosion, maintaining their elegant appearance for years to come.

Each design in this collection combines the durability of real steel with the elegance of modern design, crafting a seamless base for your DIY table projects. Let’s delve into the variety of designs from our Skyline Table Leg Collection.

Desk Skyline from PIPE DECOR

Square Metal Legs

The square metal leg design brings a modern edge to your DIY projects. Perfect for custom creations, these legs offer stability, durability, and a standout design. Transforming your tabletop into a unique piece has never been easier or more stylish with its easy assembly and high-quality steel construction.

High Rise Legs PIPE DECOR Skyline

High-Rise Legs

Elevate your furniture with the high-rise metal legs, ideal for desks, dining tables, and more. These legs provide a sturdy base with a touch of modern sophistication expertly combining form and function. Craft your own standout tables with ease, supported by the strength and durability of industrial steel.


Choose from a variety of sizes from 12” to 18” to 28”, perfect for crafting coffee tables, end tables, dining tables, or even a desk for your home office setup. The Skyline Table legs look great no matter what tabletop you choose.

However, if you want an all-in-one solution, the Skyline Collection also offers complete table kits that are easy to assemble making it easy to level up the vibe in any space.

Both the square metal legs and high-rise legs come in an all-in-one kit that includes our Restore line of wood table tops. The wood used in these tabletops is ethically sourced through responsible forestry efforts that maintain the health and balance of the land on which it was gathered. These desks adapt to any setting, from home offices to study nooks, offering a stylish and sustainable workspace.

Skyline Coffee Table from PIPE DECOR

Integrating the Skyline Collection In Modern Interior Design Styles

The Skyline collection is a versatile ensemble that can enhance and complement a variety of contemporary interior design styles and aesthetics. Let’s explore how these sleek, industrial-inspired pieces can be integrated into different modern decor themes.

Skyline Desk Legs from PIPE DECOR bought by an Amazon Customer


When it comes to minimalist interiors, less is more. The Skyline collection fits right in with the minimalist design style due to its clean and uncluttered design. Create a functional yet serene office space using a Skyline desk with landscape legs in a monochrome color palette. The simple design of the table legs adds to the minimalist vibe, providing simple aesthetics with a purpose.

Skyline Coffee Table from PIPE DECOR

Industrial Chic

The Skyline Collection is also at home with the industrial design style which is characterized by raw textures and mixed materials. The matte black metal legs paired with a reclaimed wood top can be combined to craft a unique coffee table that serves as a centerpiece in an industrial-inspired living room. Surround it with exposed brick, metal accents, and vintage leather furniture to combine the raw and refined pieces into one stunning display.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is a blend of rustic charm and clean, sophisticated lines. With the high-rise legs from the Skyline Collection, you can add a touch of modernity to a farmhouse dining area or kitchen. Use the high-rise legs to support a warm, wood table top to provide a space where family and friends can gather in style.

Skyline End Table from  PIPE DECOR


The eclectic and vibrant interiors of Bohemian design can greatly benefit from the grounding presence of a Skyline table. Use a skyline table to display a collection of colorful textiles and lush plants to create a focal point that’s both worldly and personal.

The Skyline Collection by PIPE DECOR® is a modern design revolution that brings modern elegance into your home. With its blend of contemporary metal legs and sustainably sourced wood, each piece promises to enhance your interiors with a unique, refined touch. Ready to transform your space with the sleek, modern designs of the Skyline Collection? Add a modern aesthetic to your modern home today.


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