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1 1/2 in. Galvanized Iron 90 Degree Street Elbow

1 1/2 in. Galvanized Iron 90 Degree Street Elbow

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Add a modern look to your DIY projects with 90-degree street elbows. Create a one-of-a-kind desk, coffee table, or a piece of art. Galvanized fittings are silver in color with a shiny finish that brings a clean, polished look to your pipe furniture. Our fittings are made with durable, industrial-grade malleable iron. Fittings are 100% authentic and are made to stand the test of time. You will know PIPE DECOR parts and accessories when you hold them. Beauty and beast. Strength and style. These are real industrial fittings for your decorations and designs. Accept no substitutes. Extra pieces and accessories are available for your custom projects and expansions. Plug and play as desired.

  • Galvanized pipe fittings are corrosion-resistant and are perfect for creating DIY furniture without worrying about rusting
  • Project-ready; no cleaning or sealing required before use
  • Iron fittings complement a variety of looks and aesthetics, including steampunk lighting, industrial, factory, French country farmhouse, vintage, retro, reclamation, DIY customized, modern, and more
  • IPS threads offer compatibility with other project materials such as lamp parts, valves, and more
  • Compatible with any pipes, fittings, and PIPE DECOR furniture kits of the same diameter
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