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PIPE DECOR® 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Blog Banner

PIPE DECOR® 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season twinkles into view, the quest for the perfect gifts begins. This year, let the 2023 PIPE DECOR® Holiday Gift Guide be your North Star to finding presents that shine with thoughtfulness and style, without weighing down your wallet. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or willing to splurge and impress with extravagant gifts, our carefully curated selections will help you navigate through a wonderland of industrial chic options.

From charming home accents to functional decor pieces, each item in our guide reflects the unique blend of rugged elegance and durability that PIPE DECOR is known for. So, get ready to delight your friends and family, and maybe even snag a little something for yourself.

Gift Guide Under $25 Image

Gift Ideas Under $25

Who says stylish gifts have to break the bank? In our under $25 category, discover a treasure trove of PIPE DECOR® items that merge affordability with industrial charm.

Delight the DIY enthusiasts in your life without overspending. Our selection of gifts under $25 are not just affordable, but they’re also creatively inspiring. These pieces are perfect for those who love to add a personal touch to their space. Whether they’re crafting a new shelf, customizing a table, or adding functional accents to their walls, these gift ideas offer the joy of creation and the satisfaction of a job well done. Get ready to spark some joy and creativity this holiday season with gifts that are as practical as they are stylish.

Gift Guide Under $50

Gift Ideas Under $50

Elevate your gifting game with our selection of gift ideas under 50$. In this range, you’ll find an array of thoughtfully designed items that blend functionality with an edgy aesthetic, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of modern industrial flair in their spaces.

Explore our 24 and 30-inch Boulder Black Wall Mounted racks available with 3 and 4 hooks, ideal for organizing spaces while adding a sleek look. Light up someone’s world with our Black Spider Pendant Lights, featuring 4 adjustable arms for customizable illumination, or the Reader Table Lamp, a perfect addition to any study or cozy corner.

Looking for something that’s a blend of quirky and practical? Then, our 28-inch Freestanding Pipe Toilet Holder with Wood Shelf makes for an unexpected yet highly appreciated gift. And for all our fashion enthusiasts and organizers out there, the 1/2 inch x 12 inch Noir Black Clothing Hanging Bracket Kit (4-Pack) offers a stylish solution to wardrobe organization.

Gift Guide Under $100

Gift Ideas Under $100

Looking to splurge a bit but still want value for money? Our under $100 selection offers the perfect blend of luxury and industrial charm. This range is ideal for those special people in your life who appreciate a higher level of craftsmanship and design in their home or office decor.

Illuminate spaces with the versatile Black Spider Pendant Light Kit features a wood and pipe bar with 4 adjustable arms - perfect for creating a custom lighting experience in any room. Add a warm glow to reading nooks or living rooms with our unique Telescope Floor Lamp. Offer the gift of organization and style with either the 4-Tier Floor Mounted shelf or the 2-Tier Wall-Mounted Shelf.

Bring a rustic charm to any room with our Restore Trail Brown 36 Inch Shelves or go for the more compact 24-inch variant. Both these come with straight brackets as well.

For those looking for a multifunctional piece for a perfect addition to bedrooms, the 36 Inch Wall wall-mounted clothing Rack with Wood Shelf is the perfect gift.

Gift Guide Under $150

Gift Ideas Under $150

For those special gifts that warrant a little extra, our selection of PIPE DECOR® items under $150 is where luxury meets industrial design. This range is ideal for the discerning gift-giver looking to impress with high-quality, statement pieces that blend functionality with avant-garde aesthetics.

Give the gift of rustic elegance with our Restore Sunset Cedar 36 36-inch shelves that come with Noir Pre-finished Straight Brackets. Perfect for adding a warm, natural touch to any room. You might opt for a more live edge feel with our Live Edge Wood Shelf with L-shaped pipe Brackets that make for a stunning statement piece for any interior.

Giving gifts to those who like things organized? Our single and Double Rolling Clothing Racks with Wood shelves are the ideal gifts to provide ample space for clothing storage and display. Perfect for bedrooms, laundry rooms, or retail spaces. Or, if you’re looking for a more robust and stylish solution for clothing storage, Our Galvanized Wall Mounted Double Hung Clothing Rack should do the trick.

Gift Guide Over $150

Gift Ideas Over $150

Looking to make a grand gesture for those extra special people in your life? Our over $150 collection presents the pinnacle of luxury and design. These premium items are the epitome of industrial elegance, offering unparalleled quality, functionality, and style. Perfect gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

Give your DIY enthusiast friends the Bridge Bar Height Pipe Table Legs. These provide a sturdy and stylish foundation for creating a custom bar-height table, ideal for any modern, industrial-themed space.

Know someone who works from home? The Restore Solid Wood Office Desk is the perfect gift for their home office or study area. Or, you can go with the Noir Black H Desk. With its bold, noir black finish and robust design, this desk is a statement piece that offers both style and practical workspace solutions.

Provide a stylish and spacious solution for clothing storage and display with our Galvanized Double Wall Mounted Clothing Rack, ideal for bedrooms, walk-in closets, or retail stores.

Finally, if you know someone who needs a living room refresh, give them the Restore Black Solid Wood Coffee table to add both aesthetic appeal and functional surface space. Add in the Restore Boulder Black Solid Live Edge Wood Console Table for an eye-catching addition to any entryway, hallway, or living area, and a sure conversation starter.

Don’t wait until the last minute this holiday season. Avoid the rush and ensure that your gifts are as thoughtful and special as the people receiving them. Shop now and give the gift of PIPE DECOR - where each item is more than a gift; it’s a statement of timeless industrial elegance.


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