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Collage of clever DIY storage solutions for the garage, including pegboard walls, custom shelving units, ceiling-mounted storage racks, industrial pipe clothing rack, repurposed old furniture, pipe bike rack, and DIY workbench by PIPE DECOR.

7 Clever DIY Garage Storage Solutions

For many families, the garage tends to become a space to stash clutter. With a bit of elbow grease and creativity, you can create functional DIY storage solutions to bring order back to your garage. Here are some clever DIY storage solutions to get you started.

metal pegboard image by freepik

1. Pegboard Walls

One of the most versatile and easy garage storage solutions is pegboard. Installing a pegboard wall gives you a blank canvas so you can customize the layout and placement of hooks, shelves, and baskets depending on your needs. It’s also easy to keep tools and equipment visible and within reach while staying organized and clutter-free.

industrial pipe shelves

2. Custom Shelving Units

An easy DIY project that even beginners can make is a custom shelving unit. You can build it using any material of your choice, but a great combo is wood and steel. Sturdy steel pipes combined with a wood shelf give a rustic vibe to your space. With shelves on the wall, you can free up some floor space and have proper storage to keep your garage tidy.

ceiling-mounted storage shelf for a garage

3. Ceiling-Mounted Storage

One area that is often overlooked in most garages is the ceiling. Just look up and imagine the endless storage possibilities. Installing overhead storage racks is a great way to store less frequently used items like camping equipment, seasonal gear, and holiday decorations. Just make sure that these are securely anchored to the ceiling for safety.

industrial pipe clothing rack

4. Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Does your garage also double as a mudroom? Then you should consider building a clothing rack out of pipes. Use threaded steel pipes and fittings to easily connect and build a clothing rack to have an organized spot for hanging jackets or muddy boots. This is a practical addition, especially for those rainy or snowy days when you don’t want to bring wet clothing inside the house.

image by freepik showing repurposed old furniture

5. Repurposed Old Furniture

Do you have old furniture lying around waiting to get tossed in a landfill somewhere? Don’t! Instead of contributing to global waste, repurpose old furniture into usable storage solutions.

An old kitchen cabinet can make excellent storage for automotive supplies or gardening tools. Old bookshelves can be used to organize boxes with neatly labeled content. You’re not only being sustainable, but you’re also saving a lot of money by repurposing or upcycling old furniture.

image by freepik industrial pipe bike racks wall-mounted

6. Pipe Bike Rack

Have bikes but don’t use them too often? Then you’ll need a bike rack to store them properly. You can make either a freestanding bike rack to securely keep your bike from falling over or have it wall-mounted to save floor space. Steel pipes are a great choice for materials since they're durable and you can easily customize them to hold multiple bikes.

DIY workbench image by freepik

7. DIY Workbench

The garage is also a great space to hone your DIY crafting skills. From simple home improvements to all-out furniture building, the garage provides a big enough space for you to work on your projects. Of course, you’ll need a workbench to have a place for all your DIY projects. You can easily make one using pipes and a thick slab of wood. You can also add a lower shelf using more pipes and wood for added storage.

The garage is more than just a place to park your vehicle. By applying any of these clever DIY storage solutions, you can turn your garage into a well-organized and functional multi-purpose space.

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