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PIPE DECOR 16 oz. Degreaser

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Turn your pipe furniture into home furniture with PIPE DECOR’s degreaser. Our cleaning solution will help you take dirty industrial pipes to the next level. Whether you purchase a PIPE DECOR furniture kit or order loose pipes and fittings from another retailer, real steel pipes are coated with a light oil to prevent rusting while in transit. With our convenient degreaser, you can make sure that the pipes are oil-free before you start painting or building. At PIPE DECOR, we know our pipes. Our degreaser has been specifically tailored for use with schedule 40 steel pipes and iron fittings, either for DIY purposes or real plumbing applications.

  • Can be used on any steel pipes, regardless of application
  • Removes oil and grease
  • Safe to use around clothing and carpets
  • Keep your hands, furnishings, fabrics, and pets clean
  • Specially formulated for use with pipes and fittings
  • Easy step-by-step proces
  • Sealant sold separately
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Components16 oz. Degreaser
Benefits Cleans black steel pipe and iron fittings
SafetyKeep out of Reach of Children; May Cause Skin or Eye Irritation; See Bottle for First Aid Instructions
Instructions Clean & Seal Instructions for Full Kit
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