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PIPE DECOR 4 oz. Sealer

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Make your DIY creations last longer with PIPE DECOR’s specialty sealer. Before assembling your pipe furniture, use our sealer to protect your pipes from rust, dust buildup, and corrosion. Fight wear and tear by using our sealer on any pipe.

Our sealer provides a smooth, clean finish in just one layer of coating. Your pipes will be protected from wear and tear without the need to reapply. The sealer does not interfere with real plumbing use and is also fabric-friendly. It comes in a 4 oz. bottle that can seal up to 50 flanges.

At PIPE DECOR, we know our pipes. Our sealer has been specifically tailored for use with schedule 40 steel pipes and iron fittings, either for DIY purposes or real plumbing applications.

  • Can be used on any steel pipes, regardless of application
  • Extend the life of your pipe furniture
  • Safe to use around clothing and carpets
  • Keep your hands, furnishings, fabrics, and pets clean
  • Specially formulated for use with pipes and fittings
  • Easy step-by-step process
  • Degreaser sold separately
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Components4 oz. Sealer
Benefits Guards against rust
SafetyKeep out of Reach of Children; May Cause Skin or Eye Irritation; See Bottle for First Aid Instructions
Instructions Clean & Seal Instructions for Full Kit
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