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  • Organizing Your Back-to-School Schedule with PIPE DECOR® Command Centers
    August 25, 2023

    Organizing Your Back-to-School Schedule with PIPE DECOR® Command Centers

    Transform your school routine with the efficiency of a DIY command center featuring industrial pipes from PIPE DECOR®. Tackle the daily academic juggling act with a stylish central hub that keeps schedules, assignments, and to-do lists within plain view. Learn the advantages of utilizing industrial pipes in your personalized command center – durable, flexible, and visually appealing. Discover how to craft a pipe calendar, message board, hook station, and hanging file organizers to stay organized in style. Elevate your command center with personalized touches, creating an industrial-chic aesthetic that doubles as a functional masterpiece. Whether in a study room or dorm, PIPE DECOR® empowers you to stay on top of school activities, effortlessly blending organization with style.
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  • PIPE DECOR® Kitchen Shelf
    August 23, 2023

    Stylish and Functional DIY Pipe Furniture for All Your Storage Needs

    Discover the art of DIY pipe furniture and how it can elevate your home organization with a touch of industrial flair. From versatile pipe shelving to functional clothing racks and shoe organizers, explore a range of stylish and practical storage solutions that add character and convenience to any room. Unleash your creativity and build personalized pieces that reflect your unique style while keeping your space tidy and chic with these inventive DIY pipe furniture ideas.
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  • 5 DIY Pipe Lighting Ideas
    August 18, 2023

    5 DIY Pipe Lighting Ideas

    Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and highlighting the design elements of your home. While there’s no shortage of lighting options available for purchase in stores, creating your own light fixtures gives you more freedom and allows...

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  • Raw Appeal: Integrating Pipe Furniture into Your Modern Home
    August 16, 2023

    Raw Appeal: Integrating Pipe Furniture into Your Modern Home

    Discover the allure of industrial chic design and how pipe furniture plays a pivotal role in achieving this distinctive style. Uncover the beauty of raw aesthetics combined with modern elegance as we explore the world of industrial-inspired spaces. Learn how to effortlessly integrate pipe furniture into your home, from small DIY projects to bold statement pieces, and create a space that exudes grit and sophistication. Elevate your decor with the versatility and durability of pipe furniture, and embrace the charm of industrial chic with PIPE DECOR®.
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  • blog cover for pipe decor school supplies
    August 11, 2023

    DIY PIPE DECOR® School Supplies: Personalize Your Study Essentials

    Upgrade Your Study Space with Stylish DIY PIPE DECOR®  Essentials!
    Transform your study area into a haven of creativity and productivity with PIPE DECOR® DIY projects. Say goodbye to the generic and embrace personalized, functional, and stylish study accessories. From a chic pipe pen/pencil holder to a versatile rolling cart and a sleek tablet/book stand, these projects will elevate your study space like never before. Get crafting and create a clutter-free oasis that inspires learning and innovation.
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  • image of a blueprint depicting sketches of circles
    August 9, 2023

    Next-Gen Pipe Furniture: Exploring Upcoming Design Innovations

    Discover the Next-Gen Trends Shaping Pipe Furniture Design! From multi-functional pieces perfect for small spaces to smart furniture with integrated tech, the world of pipe furniture is evolving. Embrace ergonomic and eco-friendly designs while exploring the potential of 3D printing in creating ingenious pipe furniture. At PIPE DECOR®, we're committed to offering high-quality pipes and fittings to fuel your DIY projects and keep your living spaces at the forefront of design, comfort, and sustainability. Stay informed and embrace the future of pipe furniture design!
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  • Image by Freepik-back to school industrial study space
    August 4, 2023

    Back-to-School PIPE DECOR®: Transform Your Study Space with Style

    Transform your study space with style this back-to-school season! Introduce fresh air to your decor with our stylish and functional pipe furniture. From clutter-free shelves to cool pipe desks and unique pipe lamps, PIPE DECOR® has everything you need to create a study oasis that resonates with your style. Let's get started on a productive and inspiring year of learning! Check out our collection now.
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  • Collage of clever DIY storage solutions for the garage, including pegboard walls, custom shelving units, ceiling-mounted storage racks, industrial pipe clothing rack, repurposed old furniture, pipe bike rack, and DIY workbench by PIPE DECOR.
    August 2, 2023

    7 Clever DIY Garage Storage Solutions

    Tired of a cluttered and disorganized garage? Take control of your space with these clever DIY storage solutions. From versatile pegboard walls and custom shelving units to utilizing ceiling space, repurposing old furniture, creating pipe bike racks, and building a DIY workbench, you'll find practical ideas to transform your garage into an organized and functional area. Declutter, organize, and make the most of your garage's potential with these creative solutions.
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