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PIPE DECOR®  hooks with brass accents

Which Pipe Finish is Right for You?

When planning your next DIY project, it’s important to make a plan. Choosing the right pipe finish can completely transform the final appearance of your finished piece. A table with brass accents will look very different than one that's all black steel. 

Not sure how to choose? We’ve got your back! Here’s a breakdown of PIPE DECOR®’s 4 different pipe finishes and when to use each one. 

black pipe coffee table

Black Steel

What it is: Our standard black line consists of authentic, industrial-grade plumbing pipe. All of our pipes are made from hydrostatically tested, schedule 40 black steel. Pipe threads adhere to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A53 standards. While it’s known in the industry as “black steel,” these pipes and fittings are actually dark grey in color.

When to use it: Black pipes and black fittings are perfect for the DIYer who loves the industrial look and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. These are plumbing-grade pipes and fittings. They require cleaning and sealing before use, and the finished product is modern and a little bit edgy. 

Steel pipe can support hundreds of pounds of weight when installed correctly: you can create wine bottle displays, towel bars, coat racks, and more. Embark on a large-scale DIY adventure or use these pipes for quick weekend projects like cabinet hardware, footstools, small tables, or door pulls. 

galvanized pipe wardrobe

Galvanized Steel

What it is: Our galvanized line consists of standard black pipes and fittings that have been hot dipped in a zinc bath to make them more resistant to corrosion. The process gives each pipe and fitting a shiny, silvery finish that’s bright and clean. Galvanized pipes and fittings do not need to be cleaned or sealed. In plumbing, galvanized pipes are used for water and air applications. 

When to use it: Galvanized pipes and fittings can be used for either indoor or outdoor projects. However, these pipes are galvanized before threading, which means that any exposed male threads will rust over time if left untouched. You can avoid this by protecting exposed threads with paint or sealant. 

noir end table


What it is: While our standard steel pipes are known as “black steel,” our Noir line is actually true matte black in color. This pipe is laid-back and low-maintenance while still capturing our trademark industrial vibe. 

Unlike electroplated or painted items, our finishing process causes the matte black color to permeate each pipe for a deep tone that will last a lifetime. That means you never have to worry about chips or scratches. 

The Noir line comes completely ready to use—no need to clean and seal. It’s project-ready for the DIYer on the go. The pre-finished pipes make it easy for you to dive right into your next build. 

When to use it: Noir lends a cosmopolitan vibe to any PIPE DECOR® piece. Use Noir when you love the look of pipe but want a smoother, more refined appearance than standard black steel. The black coating will protect the pipes in case of indoor humidity, but if you want to use Noir for outdoor projects, you should seal the pipes and fittings for additional protection from the elements. 

brass pipe hook


What it is: Our brass line consists of a warm, rosy gold-toned brass known as red brass, the highest quality on the market. Red brass contains approximately 85% copper and won’t rust over time. These pipes and fittings are UL- and FM-listed, and meet all applicable ANSI & ASTM B62 standards. 

Other companies’ brass varies in tone and finish, making it difficult to find pieces that match. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the shopping process by hand-selecting brass pieces that are consistent in color and quality. 

When to use it: Brass pipes and fittings can be used to add an eclectic yet sophisticated style to your furniture or decor. With brass pipes, the possibilities are endless. Use brass pipes as shelf brackets for a subtle bit of modern flair or incorporate brass bars into a pipe wardrobe to create a memorable final look. 

A few brass accents can completely transform the look of the final piece, lending a unique, avant-garde appearance to our standard pipe kits. When paired with black or galvanized pipes and fittings, a pop of refined red brass can turn any DIY pipe project into an upscale, timeless piece. 


Whichever type of pipe you decide to use, when you choose PIPE DECOR®, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting a quality product. All of our pipes and fittings are made of real industrial materials. Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time

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