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What Your Home Decor Style Says About You

Everyone has different ways of decorating and styling their homes. Some may prefer a simple layout with subdued colors and minimal decor, while others opt for more flamboyant designs with loud colors that really pop. 

Different styles and aesthetics work differently for each person, not only because of preference but also due to your personality. You might not know it, but the way your home is decorated can reflect your innermost traits. Take our quiz to see what your home decor style says about you, then scroll down to read about all of the results!


What Does Your Home Decor Say About You?



Modern decor focuses on simplicity. This aesthetic leans more towards minimalism with the use of natural materials and lighting with a monochromatic color palette. If you have a modern home decor style, you are probably an organized person who doesn’t like clutter. You appreciate having a clean space to clear your mind and relax after a long day.


The industrial style takes its cues from factory spaces with lots of exposed pipes and metal beams, brick walls, and raw, unfinished interiors. This design gives off a lived-in and laid-back vibe that makes anyone feel welcome. If you’re into this design, you’re probably someone artsy who is drawn to simple, natural beauty. You don’t want to be flashy, but you’re not afraid to let your personality show in your design with unique decor.


This home decor style is relaxed and comfortable with an earthy, neutral color palette. Much like its namesake, this style looks like you really are in a farmhouse. It’s a simple yet sophisticated look that feels homey. This design style usually reflects people who are down-to-earth, caring, and authentic. 


Antiques are the foundation of every home with vintage interior design. Regardless of the era chosen as the theme, they are the key components that encapsulate the vintage vibe. Their peculiar historical sensibility transports viewers back in time. If you are someone drawn towards this design style, it means you’re a practical and grounded person, yet also highly complex, motivated, and determined.

Urban Chic

Urban chic design is all about luxury with sophisticated furniture and decor. Spaces are elegant and relaxing, suitable for entertaining posh guests. A common feature is a classic black and white color palette with rich jewel tones as accents. If you like this style, you are someone who enjoys the finer things in life. You are fabulous, elegant, poised, and sociable. You love to splurge when entertaining guests and treat them with the best that anyone can offer. 


With its antique furniture, faded finishes, and dazzling decorative accessories, bohemian style is a fusion of fun textures and rustic charm. This style exudes warmth, as reflected by the inhabitant’s personality. Those who adopt this home decor style love to keep the balance between peace in privacy. Their home is their oasis, but they still love to welcome those close to them into their space. 


Sometimes your decor is a mix of different styles. This means that you’re not afraid to be yourself! You are bold, creative, and a dreamer. You’re happy to mix and match aesthetics to your heart's content in order to express your personality. In doing so, your home becomes a reflection of your unique, diverse tastes. 


Did you see yourself in any of the home decor styles listed? Don’t be afraid to try out different styles to get to know yourself better. Whatever look you’re going for, PIPE DECOR®R offers furniture kits or loose pipes and fittings for DIY furniture  that resonates with you.

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