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What is Industrial Hardware? A Deep Dive into Its Role in Furniture Design

What is Industrial Hardware? A Deep Dive into Its Role in Furniture Design

Behind every great piece of industrial furniture is industrial hardware - the unsung heroes that bring both form and function to the pieces it adorns. From sturdy materials that withstand the test of time to the finishes that give each piece its character, industrial hardware is the cornerstone of industrial furniture design. Let’s take a closer look at the gritty world of industrial hardware and how it plays a pivotal role in crafting sturdy and stylish pipe furniture.

Modern Industrial Living Room

The Backbone of Design: Industrial Hardware Defined

Industrial hardware is a collection of metal components that are used in crafting industrial furniture. These are the nuts, bolts, screws, and fittings that are integral to industrial-style furniture. But don’t just think of these as mere nuts and bolts; these are essential components that bring industrial furniture designs from concept to reality, embodying the industrial aesthetic. Industrial hardware is the force that binds wood, metal, and glass into furniture that’s not just built to last but designed to impress.

In the realm of industrial furniture, industrial hardware takes on a more prominent role, often left exposed to showcase its design appeal and celebrate the raw, mechanical beauty of industrial design.


Materials: The Core of Industrial Materials

When it comes to industrial furniture, quality, and durability are top priorities. Industrial hardware must withstand daily wear and tear, maintaining its integrity and appearance. The choice of materials in industrial hardware is also a nod to the industrial era’s legacy of strength and reliability.

These materials aren’t chosen at random; they are picked for their toughness, their ability to age gracefully, and their raw aesthetic. Let's break down some of the most common materials used for industrial materials:

Steel: When we talk about industrial hardware, steel is often the hero. It’s favored for its high tensile strength and versatility. Whether it’s in the form of cold-rolled sheets or hot-forged bolts, steel lends an unmatched durability. Plus, it has this unique ability to look even better as it ages, acquiring a patina that adds character to the piece.

Iron: Cast iron brings a touch of tradition to industrial hardware, with its weighty presence and classic black finish. It’s the material you think of when you picture an old workshop or a vintage factory.

Brass: Brass is a hidden gem in the industrial hardware scene. Not only does it resist corrosion, but it also brings a warm, golden hue that provides a striking contrast to the often cool tones of industrial furniture. Brass fittings from offer a pop of color and elegance that can soften the industrial edge without sacrificing the style’s overall ruggedness.


PIPE DECOR Customer made a see through wall with PIPE DECOR PIPES


The Role of Finishes in Industrial Hardware

Finishes for industrial hardware and industrial furniture are like the final coat of paint on a masterpiece - they enhance, protect, and define the piece. The right finish can elevate even the simplest design. Let’s explore the significance of finishes in industrial furniture.

Galvanized Finish

Galvanization is a key process that enhances the strength and durability of each industrial hardware. This process involves coating the hardware with a protective layer of zinc to prevent corrosion, making it ideal for pieces placed in outdoor spaces or humid environments. The resulting silvery sheen adds a futuristic aesthetic to the piece. PIPE DECOR®’s galvanized finishes capture the spirit of industrial design, ensuring each piece can weather time and trends.

Noir Matte Black Finish

The noir matte black finish is the epitome of understated elegance in the industrial hardware world. This finish offers a subdued yet impactful statement, bringing a contemporary edge to any design. Noir matte black hardware from PIPE DECOR® is more than just a color choice; it’s a deliberate design decision that offers a striking visual contrast against natural wood grains or as a harmonious element within a monochromatic scheme. It’s the finish for those who appreciate a modern twist on the industrial aesthetic.

Brass Finish

The warm, golden tones of a brass finish bring a touch of vintage glamour to industrial furniture. It’s a nod to the industrial era’s affinity for brass fittings and fixtures, known for their durability and natural antimicrobial properties. Brass finishes from PIPE DECOR® give a sense of timelessness, blending seamlessly with both classic and contemporary decor. Its natural luster is a perfect complement to the industrial aesthetic, offering a pop of color and sophistication that can elevate any piece.


PIPE DECOR Customer Shelf


Industrial Hardware in Furniture Design

Beyond functionality, industrial hardware is celebrated for its design potential in the industrial furniture aesthetic. It’s the visual contrast of a gleaming metal against a rustic wood, the satisfying alignment of screws and bolts, and the deliberate showcasing of elements that are otherwise concealed in other design styles. PIPE DECOR® harnesses these characteristics to elevate both design and function, creating pieces where the hardware is as much a part of the decor as the furniture itself.


PIPE DECOR Customer's Bathroom Mirror


Industrial Hardware and PIPE DECOR®

PIPE DECOR® takes industrial hardware to new heights, transforming functional components into key design elements that embody the industrial aesthetic. Every piece, from the weighty flanges to the intricate elbows, bolsters the furniture’s structure and enhances its visual appeal.

The versatility of PIPE DECOR® hardware is where its true charm lies. It’s designed for adaptability, easily fitting into various interior styles and serving various functions—from the centerpiece of a room to a complementary detail that completes a look. PIPE DECOR® celebrates the creative spirit of DIY enthusiasts by providing a foundation for personal expression, allowing each customer to put a unique stamp on their space.

PIPE DECOR® showcases the innate beauty of industrial hardware, making it accessible and enjoyable. Whether it’s through the aged patina of a brass finish or the modern edge of Noir matte black, the hardware stands out as functional art. PIPE DECOR® industrial hardware is more than just a component; it’s the highlight of a furniture piece, capturing the essence of industrial design.

While industrial hardware may not be the star of the piece, it’s certainly the true MVP. It’s the defining feature of industrial furniture design. PIPE DECOR® proudly showcases industrial hardware as an essential component in each of our products while making sure that each piece is both durable and stylish.


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