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Spooky Entryway Transformations: PIPE DECOR® Ideas for Halloween Blog Cover

Spooky Entryway Transformations: PIPE DECOR® Ideas for Halloween

 The eeriest night of the year deserves an entrance that leaves a lasting impression. As your guests transition from the spooky outdoors to the safety of your indoors, your entryway serves as the initial taste of the haunted festivities that await them. And with PIPE DECOR®, you can create unique haunting pieces to adorn your entryway with an industrial charm. Here are some ideas to turn your entrance into a ghastly greeting area this Halloween.

 PIPE DECOR® Shoe Rack

Witchy Pipe Shoe Storage

Witches love a good pair of shoes - remember the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz? So why not craft a stylish yet functional shoe rack with pipes? With industrial steel pipes, you can craft a shoe rack sturdy enough for boots filled with magical brews. To add a cheeky nod to your favorite Halloween enchantress, you can place a witch’s hat or broom beside it.

 PIPE DECOR® Customer Custom Stair Hand Rail

Ghoulish Pipe Guard Rails

If your front porch has stairs leading up to your entryway, you can add pipe handrails. You can leave it as is with its natural industrial charm that still works well with Halloween, but you can take it one step further by adorning it with different Halloween trinkets. You can wrap orange fairy lights around the pipe guard rails to create a bewitching glow that lights the way for trick-or-treaters and guests. 

 Pipe Hook and Coat Rack in the Entry way

Haunted Pipe Coat Racks

The crisp, chill air of Halloween calls for warm coats and scarves. Always be ready with your Halloween garb with a handy coat rack in your entryway. Pipes are great materials for constructing a DIY coat rack, but if you want to give it a more eerie aesthetic, use Noir pipes from PIPE DECOR®. These are prefinished matte black pipes that go well with the season. Add in some faux cobwebs and a skeletal hand or two, and you’ll have a haunted pipe coat rack that keeps your Halloween garb at the ready just in your entryway.

 PIPE DECOR® Shelving

Eerie Entryway Accents with Pipe Shelving

Want an easy way to spookify your entryway? Craft pipe shelving. These provide the perfect stage for your spookiest decor. Display old spell books, lanterns, or a jar filled with witches’ fingers to make your shelves a focal point in your entryway. Add a touch of macabre with a sprinkle of dust or by draping them in the spider webs. Pipe shelves are easy to build and are so versatile, you can use them all year round, not just for Halloween.

 PIPE DECOR® Mirror with Skyline Product

Mirrors to the Other Realm

Every haunted house needs a ghostly mirror. Craft one using pipes as a rustic frame to create an otherworldly-looking glass. Add smoky decals or eerie sticker silhouettes to give your guests a minor scare.

 Your entryway is a preview of the Halloween story that your home will tell your guests. With PIPE DECOR®, this story can be both chilling and charming. With these clever pipe ideas, you can ensure the Halloween ambiance starts right at the doorstep.  Dive into the DIY world this Halloween and give your guests a hauntingly good first impression they won’t soon forget. Happy haunting!

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