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5 DIY Pipe Lighting Ideas

5 DIY Pipe Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and highlighting the design elements of your home. While there’s no shortage of lighting options available for purchase in stores, creating your own light fixtures gives you more freedom and allows for a more unique and personal touch to your space. DIY pipe light fixtures provide a perfect blend of industrial charm and modern functionality.

If you’re planning on updating your home's lighting, you’re in luck! We’ve listed five DIY light fixtures you can build with pipes to help illuminate and elevate every room in your home.

Reader Table Lamp By PIPE DECOR

1. Pipe Desk Lamp

Want to add just the right touch of vintage industrial style to any room of your house? Build a pipe desk lamp. With a few pipes, a light bulb, and some electrical components, you can create a stylish and functional desk lamp that would go well in your home office or reading nook. It’s also easy to design your lamp using pipes and fittings, as there are various configurations to try out to see what unique shapes and designs you can come up with.

Black Spider Pendant Light Kit with Wood and Pipe Bar Hanging Accessory and 4 Adjustable Arms

2. Pipe Chandelier

If you want to make a statement with your lighting, consider creating a pipe chandelier. And since you’re doing it yourself, you can either go with a simple design with a few light bulbs for a minimalistic aesthetic, or you can go all out with a complex design with multiple bulbs and pipes for an eye-catching look. Place it in your living room or dining room and you’ll have a functional light fixture that also acts as the room’s centerpiece.

Black Spider Pendant Light with 4 Adjustable Arms

3. Pipe Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are perfect for areas that require focused lighting. A DIY pendant light is a stylish addition to your kitchen or dining room. You can customize the design and number of pendants based on what you need for the space.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or dining light fixture with a pendant light, PIPE DECOR offers the Spider Light, a 4-arm hanging pendant light that combines function and flair to create the perfect ambiance for your space.

Hanger Floor Lamp By PIPE DECOR

4. Pipe Floor Lamp

A DIY pipe floor lamp can serve both as a light source and a decorative piece. Much like the table lamp, it’s easy to build, only on a slightly bigger scale. Place it in your living room or reading corner to provide ample light while also adding a touch of industrial flair to your space.

5. Pipe Vanity Lights

Whether putting on makeup or getting a clean shave, you’ll need to have proper lighting in your vanity. A pipe vanity light fixture not only gives you the light you need to perform these tasks but can also add a unique touch to it. Use pipes as framing around a mirror and add in as many bulbs as you want to achieve the right lighting.

Creating DIY light fixtures is a great way to add a personal touch to your space without going overboard with the budget. With a few pipes and fittings, you can create stunning pieces that serve as lighting and as decor at the same time. Shop our full collection of DIY pipe lamps for more inspiration! 

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