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13 DIY Ideas & Furniture Hacks to Make with Pipe

Does your home decor need an upgrade? Changing the look and feel of a room can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint or a new piece of furniture. Your home should reflect your personality, which is what makes DIY home decor such a great idea.

At PIPE DECOR®, we like to think outside the box. We sell furniture kits that make it easy to make your own pipe furniture, but we also love when our customers come up with something entirely new.

Using our pipes and fittings, you can create one-of-a-kind furniture with a unique look and feel. Here are 13 creative furniture ideas and furniture hacks that you can make with pipe.   

pipe wall hook

1. Pipe Wall Hooks

Need more storage space in your home? Think vertically! It’s easy to make a wall hook using a few fittings and flanges. Adding some DIY wall hooks to your home is a great way to get organized. Use them in the entryway as a place to hang your coats, or in the kitchen to hang your pots and utensils. You can also use them in your closet for added storage for bags and accessories.

2. Shoe Rack

No one wants a messy entryway. Organize and tidy up your shoes with a pipe shoe rack. Pair industrial pipes with wooden shelves for a storage solution that makes a statement. It’s easy to make and can really help you keep your entryway neat and tidy.

3. Custom TV Stand

Another of our pipe furniture hacks is to create a TV stand. Combine pipes with reclaimed wood and choose the design that you want. It can be as simple as a table with pipe legs just to put your TV on, or you can add shelves and tiers to hold your speakers, gaming systems, and more. The design possibilities are endless.

4. Dog Bed

Many of us love to spoil our dogs as if they were our own children. Why not build a comfy space for your furry friend? Use pipes to build a square frame, then stretch fabric over it to create a hammock-style dog bed for your loyal pup.

5. Cat Tree

Of course, we can’t forget our feline friends. You can use pipes and wood to build a cat tree that your cats will love! Customize the style to suit your space – you can create a series of wall-mounted shelves for your cats to climb on or build a more traditional tree from scratch. Wrap rope or twine around the pipes for a built-in scratching post!

pipe shelf brackets

6. Pipe Shelving

Bring life to blank walls by building shelves out of pipes. Pipe shelves are great for displaying pictures and other decorations. Incorporate salvaged wood for a truly custom piece of decor that doubles as a way to display your favorite trinkets.

7. Bar

If you can build a pipe table, you can build a pipe bar. Simply elevate a typical table design by using longer pipes to achieve the right height. Use it in your kitchen as a breakfast bar or in the basement for a fun addition to a man cave.

8. Barstools

A great addition to the above-mentioned bar would be custom barstools. Creating matching barstools with pipes makes for a complete set with a unique motif.

9. Coffee Station

Everybody loves a cup of Joe to start the day, so why not create a space where you can enjoy the process of brewing your coffee? Build a custom coffee station using our bar cart kits, an end table kit, or completely from scratch with a design of your own making.

pipe wine bottle rack

10. Wine Bottle Holder

Do you love wine? Are your wine bottles just sitting on the counter or in a cabinet? Store your wine bottles in style with a DIY wine bottle holder made of pipe.  You can free up space while turning your wine collection into a statement piece for your kitchen.

11. Bed Frame 

Believe it or not, you can turn pipes into a full-fledged bed frame. Genuine pipes and fittings can support hundreds of pounds of weight when used correctly, so if you love the industrial look, a pipe bed frame is the way to go. You can even incorporate a headboard into the frame itself.

12. Bike Rack

If your family loves biking, you’ll know that those bikes can take up a lot of room. Build a bike rack out of pipes to keep your bikes organized in your basement or garage. You can even mount it to the wall to free up floor space.  

13. Towel Bar

For the bathroom, a remarkably simple furniture hack is to create a wall-mounted towel bar with pipes and fittings. Use two elbows for the ends and customize the length to fit your bathroom.


Pipes and fittings are versatile materials that can really help you get creative and come up with designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are interested in making your own pipe furniture, PIPE DECOR® offers all the materials you need to bring your inspiration to life. Check out our wide variety of pipe kits or pipes and fittings and DIY your way today!

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PIPE DECOR - February 27, 2023

Hi Elizabeth! We don’t currently sell a bed frame, but there are lots of fun photos on Pinterest if you’d like some inspiration – just search “pipe bed frame”!

Elizabeth - February 27, 2023

Where can you see #11 the bed frame at?

PIPE DECOR - November 22, 2022

Hi Alicia! You can easily disassemble your PIPE DECOR furniture if needed – just be sure not to tighten it too much during assembly. Hope that helps!

Alicia - November 22, 2022

Would it be possible to make pipe decor furniture that easily assembles for use and disassembles for storage/transportation? Or once it is assembled, is it really difficult to take apart?

PIPE DECOR - October 14, 2022

Hi Rebecca! There is no hard and fast rule for this, as the final dimensions will vary depending on the project as well as how tightly the pipe and fitting are screwed together. In general, you can expect a variance of 1/8" to 3/8" per connection. For most projects, the pipes and fittings can be tightened or loosened slightly to alter the finished height or length. Hope this helps!

Rebecca - October 14, 2022

When calculating dimensions, how should I take into consideration the loss of length (or height) from screwing a pipe into a fitting?

PIPE DECOR - August 15, 2022

Hi Kathleen! Email us at and we can help you out!

Kathleen Dickinson - August 15, 2022

I’m looking to build the exact shelving you have for the kitchen, the coffee cup holder with shelf. But cannot find it on your website, can you HELP, please

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