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Industrial-inspired entryway showcasing functional pipe furniture: coat rack, shoe rack, console table, bench, shelving, umbrella stand, light fixtures, plant stand, and key holder by PIPE DECOR

9 Innovative Pipe Furniture Ideas for a Stunning Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing that greets you after a long day. The entryway sets the vibe of your home, so why not give it an industrial makeover to make it more appealing and inviting?

Pipes aren’t just for plumbing. With a bit of creativity, you can build functional furniture and fixtures you can use in your entryway. Here are 9 pipe furniture ideas to elevate your entryway to a whole new level.

pipe decor coat rack

1. Pipe Coat Rack

One of the easiest ways to decorate your entryway with functional fixtures is with a pipe coat rack. With a few pipes and fittings and some reclaimed wood, you can create a stylish yet functional addition to your entryway. Industrial pipes are durable and are perfect for hanging coats, hats, or bags. You can even add a wooden shelf on top for added storage.

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pipe decor shoe rack

2. Pipe Shoe Rack

No one wants a cluttered entryway. So, to keep it clutter-free, build a shoe rack using pipes. It’s not only practical, but it also adds an eye-catching, edgy look to your space. You can make it as tall as you want depending on how many pairs of shoes you have to store.

pipe decor sunset cedar console table

3. Pipe Console Table

Another great addition to any entryway is a pipe console table. With some pipes and wood, you can create a rustic piece that sets the tone right in your entryway. The wood's rustic texture and the pipe's raw aesthetic blend perfectly, offering a space to display artwork or even place keys and mail.

pipe decor trail brown live edge wood bench

4. Pipe Bench

You can build a small bench with pipes and wood or a thick leather piece as a cushion. It not only serves as extra seating, but it also makes it easier to take shoes off with a proper seat right when you enter the house.

pipe decor 4-tier shelf

5. Pipe Shelving

One of the most common pipe decor items to craft is shelving units. They're easy enough to build but provide so much utility no matter where you place them. Use pipe shelves to display art pieces and photos, or use them as extra storage for small bags, keys, or mail.

6. Pipe Umbrella Stand

Want to build something unique for your entryway? Build a pipe umbrella stand. It’s a great way to keep wet umbrellas from cluttering up the floor while offering a rustic, industrial look.

pipe decor sconce

7. Pipe Light Fixtures

Light up your entryway while giving it a relaxed vibe with pipe light fixtures. A couple of pipe sconces on your wall, paired with Edison light bulbs, can give a cool steampunk look that will surely be the topic of many conversations while keeping the space well-lit.

pipe decor plant stand

8. Pipe Plant Stand

Adding some greenery to your entryway is a great way to bring nature indoors. Whether you prefer to decorate your entryway with a collection of small plants in small pots, or one big one, you can easily build plant stands with pipes.

9. Pipe Key Holder

Don’t you just hate it when you’re about to head out but can’t find your keys? That’s why it’s best to have one spot to store your keys. What better way to do this than with a pipe key holder? You can use a small piece of wood and a few pipes and fittings to create a handy and stylish key holder. You can go even further by attaching hooks to it to make it a multi-purpose key and coat rack.

Building pipe furniture and fixtures can be an interesting way to decorate your entryway. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your design and create something one-of-a-kind!

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