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7 Pipe Furniture Ideas for the Bedroom

We spend nearly a third of our lives in the bedroom—sleeping takes up a lot of time! Since it’s such a huge part of our lives, it makes sense to spruce up the bedroom and make it a space we can be proud of.

The good news is you can be as creative and crafty as you want when designing your bedroom without having to break the bank. You can build your own bedroom furniture with a little bit of creativity and some industrial pipes. Here are some of our favorite pipe furniture ideas for the bedroom.

pipe clothing rack

1. Clothing Rack

You want your bedroom to be free from clutter—you don’t want your clothes just lying around on the bed or on a chair. A simple clothing rack can serve as an open wardrobe and is easy to build out of pipes and fittings. As far as design goes, you can keep it simple with just a frame or wall-mounted bar or add shelves and wheels to spruce it up.

PIPE DECOR® also offers clothes racks of different designs and sizes that can fit any bedroom. From modular wall-mounted clothing racks to simpler options that incorporate shelving, you’ll find one that’s sure to suit your space.

2. Bed Frame

Believe it or not, it’s possible to build an entire bed frame out of threaded industrial pipes. You won’t even need to use tools! Since the pipes you’ll be using are threaded, simply screw them together with tees, couplings, and caps to connect them and build a bed frame of any size. You can go with a simple single bed or go all out with a king-sized four-poster.

3. Bedside Table

A pipe bedside table is fashionable as well as functional. It’s a great place to put down the book you’re reading before calling it a night while keeping your phone and alarm clock within reach.

This is an easy DIY project you can build with pipes, fittings, and the wood tabletop of your choice. We also offer a huge selection of side table kits to choose from if you want to take the guesswork out of the design process!

pipe bedside table

4. Lamp

Does your bedside table need a lamp? Don’t go out and buy one—build one with pipes! You can create truly unique designs with a combination of pipes and fittings. This not only gives you extra light in your bedroom, but also incorporates a cool, industrial vibe into your decor.

PIPE DECOR® carries a wide range of DIY lamp kits, from wall sconces to table lamps made from real steel pipes and genuine iron fittings. Shop our selection or create your own!

5. Curtain Rod

Another easy DIY project would be a pipe curtain rod. Industrial pipes are sturdy and won’t bend with the weight of your curtains. They’re so simple to build that all you’ll need is a long pipe with the right diameter. Depending on the curtains you use, you may need to add in some curtain hooks. Simply attach each end of the curtain rod to a sturdy wall hook or flange to drill into the wall and you’re good to go.

6. Hooks

Speaking of hooks, you can also make these out of fittings. Simply combine an elbow with a flange and screw it into your wall. You can add a cap at the end for a more finished look. Pipes can support a lot of weight as long as they’re properly attached to the wall. Hooks are also a great way to add more storage to your room to hang bags, coats, or accessories.

pipe shelving

7. Shelves

While we’re on the topic of storage, another way to incorporate more storage into your room is through shelving. Shelves are easy to make with pipes, flanges, and wooden planks to add extra storage space to your bedroom.

No one wants a cluttered bedroom. With pipe shelves, you can keep your space clutter-free by providing a space for the things that don’t belong anywhere else. You may also use shelves to place art, picture frames, or other decorations you might want to add to your bedroom.

The bedroom is meant to be a cozy space where you can rest and recharge to get ready for the next day. Take the time and effort to design your bedroom to be functional while adding your own unique style.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and want to build any of the pipe furniture listed above, PIPE DECOR® offers high-quality industrial pipes and fittings for any project. Check out our pipes to start building your own masterpiece now!

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