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PIPE DECOR® Pumpkin Display

PIPE DECOR® Pumpkin Display

Pumpkins are a staple fall icon and rightfully so, as it perfectly encapsulates the essence of fall with all its rich hues. From their deep oranges to earthy greens, pumpkins symbolize the season’s charm. This fall season, elevate your pumpkin decor with a custom PIPE DECOR® pumpkin display stand. This easy-to-make DIY project is also a versatile piece that you can use all year round no matter the season. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating your very own pipe-based pumpkin display, offering both structure and style to your fall-themed showcases.

Materials Needed:

3 Pcs 1/2 in. x 10 in. Black Pipes
2 Pcs 1/2 in. x 5 in. Black Pipes
3 Pcs 1/2 in. x 2 in. Black Pipes
1 Pc 1/2 in. Black Side Outlet Tee
2 Pcs 1/2 in. Black Tee
6 Pcs 1/2 in. Black Square Mini Flanges
3 Pcs 8in x 8 in. Square wood (recommended-not included)

     Clean and Seal Blog Image

    Clean and Seal Before Assembling

    As always, the first step in any DIY pipe project is to clean and seal before assembly. Simply wash with warm soapy water until protective oil has been cleaned out and wipe dry. Once cleaned pipes are dry, seal with either a wax sealant or a spray sealant. PIPE DECOR® also offers a clean and seal kit which includes a degreaser and sealer that’s specially formulated for pipes and fittings. This handy kit ensures that all your pipes and fittings are clean and protected from rust before you start any pipe DIY project.

    Once you’re done with cleaning and sealing, it’s time to assemble our pipe pumpkin display.

    PIPE DECOR® Plant Holder 3 tiers


    This pipe pumpkin display consists of three bases connected through a side outlet tee in the center and two black tees on either side.

    Step 1: Let’s start with the center base. Connect a 1/2in. Black micro mini square flange to a 1/3in. X 3 in. black pipe. Connect the other end of the 3-inch black pipe to the side outlet tee. On the top opening of the side outlet tee, connect a 1/gin. X 14 in. black pipe. Finish this piece with another ½  in. black micro mini square flange connected to the open end of the 14-inch black pipe.

    Step 2: Let’s assemble the two structures that will go on either side of the central base.  Connect a ½ in. black micro mini square flange to a 1/3in. X 3 in. black pipe. Connect the other end of the 3 in. black pipe to a ½ in. black tee. On the other opening of the black tee, connect one 5 in. black pipe and close it off with another ½ in. black micro mini square flange. Do the same for the other structure and you should end up with two identical bases.

    Step 3: Connect the two smaller bases to the center base by attaching a 14-inch black pipe to either side of the central side outlet tee. The other ends of these pipes should connect to the black tees of the two bases on either side.

    Step 4: To finish this project, simply attach the wood top to the black micro mini square flanges connected to the long end of the structure.


    Additional Tips:

    This industrial-style pipe pumpkin display can be used as is, but you can always add a few tweaks to elevate its look.

    One way to add more to your decor is to intertwine fairy lights around the pipes for an added evening sparkle. If you want to combine the industrial charm of pipes with natural elements, wrap faux ivy or autumn leaves around the structure to give it a more natural fall touch.

    This DIY project is for a pumpkin display, but you can think beyond pumpkins and add gourds, lanterns, or even Halloween-themed props for additional flair.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this easy step-by-step guide to creating a DIY pipe pumpkin display that’s not only functional but is also a reflection of your creativity. By combining the industrial and rustic aesthetic of pipes with the natural fall elements, you’ve created a centerpiece that’s bound to make your guests stop and admire. Embrace the fall season and let your decor tell its tale. Happy fall decorating!


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