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Pipe Coffee Tables: A Shopping Guide

Pipe Coffee Tables: A Shopping Guide

Coffee tables come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether you’re in the market to buy a premade pipe coffee table or are looking for the perfect set of table legs for your next DIY project, PIPE DECOR® has you covered. Here’s a comprehensive list of the custom pipe coffee tables and table legs we offer so you can choose the one that’s right for your living room.

streetlights coffee table

Streetlights Coffee Table

Inspired by Victorian-era gas lamps, the Streetlights Coffee Table is the perfect piece to achieve a truly steampunk aesthetic. It sports a curved pipe design that pairs well with any wood tabletop to create a centerpiece that will turn heads.

Turnpike Coffee Table

The Turnpike Coffee Table was designed to be an adjustable base to better cater to your design needs. Pair it with a square table top and build a square coffee table. Then, when you want to change the design, simply adjust the base to a rectangular orientation and replace the top with a longer one. It’s like having two pipe coffee tables in one!

loop coffee table

Loop Coffee Table

Let your living room reflect your penchant for vintage style with the Loop Coffee Table. With this design we added an elongated loop at the base, an original element that contrasts the sheer brawn of the industrial design. This kit also uses real steel pipes to provide a sturdy base to any wood top of your choice.

H-Leg Coffee Table

If you just love the look of industrial pipe fittings but want to keep it simple, this is the kit for you. The H-Leg design is simple, sturdy, and easy to assemble. Simply combine it with any wood tabletop and you’re good to go.

skyline coffee table

Skyline Coffee Table with Wood Tabletop

Add style to your living room with our Skyline collection of coffee tables and table legs. Available in two different designs, these steel legs, while not made of pipe, are durable and long-lasting with a unique look you won’t soon forget.

Choose your own tabletop or purchase a complete table kit with one of our RESTORE wood tops. Our wooden tabletops are sustainably sourced in North America and have undergone our multi-step finishing process to enhance their natural beauty.

Square Flange Pipe Table Legs

The Square Flange Pipe Table Legs provide standard, no-nonsense design with a twist. This industrial pipe leg kit comes with our patented square flanges for a truly one-of-a-kind effect.

round flange table legs

Round Flange Pipe Table Legs

Our classic Round Flange Pipe Table Legs add a touch of modern chic to your living room. They’re available in black, galvanized, and Noir matte black steel. Unlike regular black pipes, our galvanized and Noir pipes are prefinished and project-ready, no cleaning and sealing required.

RESTORE Coffee Table with Wood Tabletop

If you don’t want the hassle of choosing your own tabletops, we’re making it easy with our RESTORE line of solid wood accents. We offer complete table kits as well as single tabletops to make it easy to build the pipe coffee table of your dreams. The combination of industrial pipes and natural wood creates a sophisticated look that fits seamlessly in your home's living room.

Our RESTORE wood is ethically sourced in North America through low-impact logging methods and responsible forestry. Each wood top undergoes our very own finishing process that preserves the natural wood grain.

A pipe coffee table is a must-have for any living room. It’s the centerpiece that brings the whole room together. Choosing the right coffee table to complete your setup is important. Not only do you need to consider materials used to ensure durability, you’ll need to choose one with the right design to complement your living room’s aesthetic.

All of the tables mentioned in this article are available for purchase through PIPE DECOR®, making it easier than ever to create the space of your dreams. Shop today!
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