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Organizing Your Back-to-School Schedule with PIPE DECOR® Command Centers

Organizing Your Back-to-School Schedule with PIPE DECOR® Command Centers

The new school year is in full swing, full of assignments and extracurricular activities. This means that staying organized becomes a top priority to keep up with the daily balancing act of academic life. Managing your time efficiently for each activity can quickly become chaotic if you’re not on top of things. But what if there was an effective solution for all of this? Enter DIY command centers made with industrial pipes from PIPE DECOR® - a stylish and efficient way of managing all your school activities.


Why Build a Command Center?

Juggling everyday activities can be difficult if you don’t have any means of keeping track of them. With a command center, you’ll have a central location in your home where your school-related activities can be in plain view. This way, you can keep track of important assignments, projects, and extracurricular activities. It serves as a central hub for all your schedules and important to-do lists that simplifies the complexities of student life. You can make your very own customized command center using various materials with industrial pipes to get you organized in style.


The Advantage of Building with Industrial Pipes

Industrial pipes are versatile DIY materials that can make just about anything. Pipes are made with real steel making them durable materials that were made to last a long time. Using black pipes as your base material can result in sturdy DIY pipe furniture that can withstand the pressure of daily use.


Black pipes and fittings are also flexible DIY materials. These pipes are threaded, making it easier to connect and assemble. It’s also easy to modify to a different design to cater to your changing needs.


Lastly, industrial pipes bring a certain charm that gives them a modern and edgy look that fits most design aesthetics. This way, you can build DIY creations that have the perfect combination of form and function.


Building Your Industrial Pipe Command Center

A good command center needs to be highly organized and customizable to meet specific needs. It should have clear visibility for important information, be flexible enough for any change in requirements, and must be durable for daily use. Here are some of the components you need for the ultimate command center:


Pipe Calendar

A calendar is a must-have for any command center. You’ll want to keep up with your schedule and it gets easier with a DIY calendar made with industrial pipes.


  1. Start with a solid wooden board big enough for the dates and notes to write for that day.
  2. Use black pipes as the frame and lay out a grid using slender pipe pieces.
  3. You can either fit mini chalkboards cut to fit each grid or dry-erase squares for each day.
  4. Add magnets to use as pins for urgent to-dos or reminders.

 PIPE DECOR® DIY Message Board

Message Board

If you’re living in a dorm with busy roommates, communication is key. What better way to have this visible than by adding a message board to your command center? With a few black pipes and a bit of creativity, you can make a stylish board to house all your messages for everyone's attention.


  1. Use black pipes as a frame. You can either choose a corkboard or a magnetic dry-erase board as the main message board.
  2. Add magnets, or clips to attach documents along with your message.


Hook Station

As a student, you can sometimes get preoccupied with a lot of schoolwork and small items like IDs or keys might get lost. By building a hook station, you can have it all in one place to avoid getting misplaced. You may also hang your backpack here to reduce clutter in your space. Building this with pipes is easy.


  1. You can easily make hooks using pipe elbows and caps. You can use a flange as the base of the hooks.
  2. Once hooks are assembled, take a wooden board and attach each hook to it through the holes in the flanges.
  3. You can use the hook station as is and just attach it to your command center, or you can go even further and label each hook. This is especially useful if you live in a dorm so you and your roommates can each have a specific hook to use.
  4. Another thing you can add is a small shelf above the hooks for small grab-and-go items.


Hanging File Organizers

This piece is an essential part of your command center for important letters, bills, or permission slips that need attention. You can use black pipes, fittings, and flanges to securely hang your file organizers to your command center.


  1. Measure your file organizers or file trays and use black pipes with the appropriate length that can cover the size of your organizers.
  2. Connect one end of the pipe to a flange and close the other end with a cap.
  3. Depending on how big your file organizes are, you will need at least 3 or 4 of the previously assembled piece to make a proper base.
  4. Attach the assembled pieces to the wall near your command center and properly space them to house your file organizer.
  5. Simply place the file organizer on top of the pipes and you’re done. Add more pipes if you’re planning on adding more file organizers.


Add Some Personal Touches

The beauty of DIY is in how much you can customize and personalize the project. While using industrial pipes already lends your command center an industrial-chic look, you can go even further by either painting the pipes, or adding decor like artwork, photos, or stickers for a unique touch.


With PIPE DECOR®, you can create a highly functional command center that also doubles as an aesthetic centerpiece for your space. A well-thought-out command center brings utility and organization whether used in a small study room, or a busy dorm with multiple roommates. As the school year progresses, assignments and projects will also increase. On top of that, you’ll have extracurricular activities and your daily schedules to think about. With a command center, you can make life easier by knowing you’re always on top of things with a dedicated space for all your school activities.

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