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 January Roundup: DIY Furniture, Fan Projects, and More

January Roundup: DIY Furniture, Fan Projects, and More

This month has been an absolute blast in the world of industrial design. From awesome DIY projects from our fabulous PIPE DECOR® community to the hottest industrial furniture trends, January was just full of surprises. Let’s dive into the best of this month’s industrial design scene!

What’s New This Month in Industrial Design?

The industrial design scene is currently buzzing with a trend that’s all about mixing and matching different materials. Think rustic wooden tabletops paired with sleek metal legs, or soft leather upholstery framed by industrial steel. This multi-textural aesthetic brings an intriguing and inviting vibe that gives a unique charm to any space.

People have also been looking for innovative ways to use their space. With urban living spaces getting smaller and smaller, there’s a growing emphasis on multifunctional and space-saving designs. People are looking into furniture that can adapt to different uses, like modular shelving units and wall-mounted clothes racks to save space while still getting organized and clutter-free. It’s all about making the most out of every square inch.

This month, we also see a significant shift towards sustainability in industrial design. There is an increasing design focus on eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood and up-cycled elements. It’s a move towards making responsible choices that impact the environment positively while still giving your space an aesthetic boost.

Amazing DIY Furniture From Our Awesome Community

2024 started with a bang, and our amazing PIPE DECOR® community went all out with their creations. Here are some of our favorites this month:

Skyline Desk by a customer

1. DIY Office Desk with Skyline Table Legs

One of our fans took DIY to new heights with an office desk featuring the PIPE DECOR® Skyline Table Legs and a gorgeous live edge wood top. This masterpiece blends the raw beauty of natural wood with the sleek, urban feel of the Skyline legs, creating a workspace that’s both functional and eye-catching. It’s the perfect combination of rustic charm and modern industrial aesthetics. Plus, who doesn’t want a workspace that feels like a piece of art?

 Industrial-Inspired Bathroom Mirrors with Pipe Frames

2. Industrial-Inspired Bathroom Mirrors with Pipe Frames

Another fan transformed their bathroom with a mirror framed in industrial pipes. This simple project greatly impacted their bathroom, adding an edgy, industrial vibe to an otherwise ordinary space. We’re all about repurposing industrial materials in unexpected ways. This mirror was indeed a reflection of creativity and industrial chic.

Wine Holder by a customer

3. Wine and Dine with an Upside-Down Pipe Wine Holder

Cheers to this ingenious wine holder crafted from pipes, storing bottles upside down for a quirky twist. It’s practical, it’s unique, and it’s the perfect blend of form and function.

Customize Coffee Table

4. Industrial Chic Coffee Table with Pipe Legs

Rounding up this month’s fan showcase is this eye-catching coffee table. Its industrial pipe legs add character and charm to any living space. This industrial pipe coffee table is sturdy, stylish, and raw. It’s the kind of piece that doesn’t just fill a space; it defines it.

DIY Tips For Aspiring Creators

Before we end our January roundup, we’re leaving you with some helpful tips for aspiring creators and seasoned DIY enthusiasts alike.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Choosing materials for any DIY is every DIYer’s first hurdle. But of all the materials you can choose from, choose to go green. Going for sustainable materials isn’t just thoughtful; it can also be a unique style statement. Embracing eco-friendly options is a step towards reducing your environmental impact and infusing your project with a soulful, earthy essence.

Prioritize Function and Form

Great design combines beauty with usability. Think about the day-to-day use of a piece when conceptualizing its design. Is it sturdy enough for daily wear and tear? Is it ergonomic? Aesthetics are key, but they go hand-in-hand with usability and durability. Create something that not only catches attention but also serves its purpose in the best way it can

Trial and Error and Experimentation

One of the reasons DIY is so popular is because of experimentation. It’s a creative process that allows you to express yourself in your builds, but it's also a process of trial and error. While not all experiments result in a perfect build, it’s ok. It’s perfectly fine to make mistakes - just learn from each mistake and treat each mishap as a stepping stone to mastery.

And that about wraps up our January roundup. This year is indeed off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for the rest of the year. We hope this blog has inspired you to build your own DIY creations. PIPE DECOR® will always be here to inspire you with the latest builds from our awesome community and to give you the latest in design trends. So keep on creating awesome builds. Remember, each DIY project is a journey - enjoy the process, learn from the experience, and take pride in your creations. Happy building!


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