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5 Industrial Decor Ideas for Your Restaurant or Bar

5 Industrial Decor Ideas for Your Restaurant or Bar

As much as food and drinks are central to the success of your bar or restaurant, the overall theme also plays a part in how your guests enjoy and remember their dining experience. A foolproof way to cultivate a cool, urban vibe is to incorporate industrial elements such as pipes and fittings into your restaurant’s decor.

If you're looking for inspiration, here are 5 industrial decor ideas for your restaurant or bar that will surely grab your guests’ attention.

pendant lamp

1. Get Creative with Lighting

Proper lighting creates ambience, and with good design, your lighting can also double as decor. There are a lot of ways to incorporate industrial lighting into your establishment. You can add hanging pendant lights with pipe elements or add a small pipe lamp to your reception desk near the entrance.

You can also create standing floor lamps made of pipes to light up the dining room. Our selection of pipe lighting takes the guesswork out of decorating!

2. Enhance the Dining Experience

Tables and seating are an essential part of the dining experience. In keeping with the industrial theme, you can incorporate pipe legs on your tables as well as your chairs. This adds to the overall industrial vibe that your guests will surely find unique.

At PIPE DECOR®, we offer bar-height table kits that make creating your own industrial table legs a breeze. These are relatively easy to assemble and will not break the bank. They can even be painted to change up the finished look.

bar height table

3. Set Up Your Bar

The bar area is a main focal point in any restaurant and should draw attention. With a few simple touches, you can create an industrial-themed bar that will surely stand out. You can easily incorporate pipes to your bar by using them as foot rails or bases for your bar stools. You can also build racks for wine and liquor using pipes and fittings.

4. Go Mobile

Get creative in serving your guests by using a bar cart with wheels. A pipe serving cart is an eye-catching way to deliver beverages or food to your guests. Not only can you use them to serve liquor, but they can also be used as mobile coffee stations or dessert trays. They also double as a way to display decor items like books or other trinkets that add to the overall atmosphere. 

bar height table

5. Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Although the kitchen is off limits to customers and guests, there are still a lot of ways you can extend the industrial vibe to your kitchen. One simple and functional decor item you can add would be pipe hooks for towels, pots and pans, and more. You can also use pipes as towel racks or for shelving.

Creating the right ambience with the right decor can help make your restaurant or bar a success. We hope these industrial decor ideas can help you set up your space and impress your customers. Get creative and try these decor ideas for yourself!

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