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PIPE DECOR® Smart Furnitures

Incorporating Smart Features into Your Pipe furniture

Pipe furniture is undeniably unique - its rustic appeal and aesthetics offer a raw, authentic charm that adds character to any space. While the timeless appeal of pipe furniture certainly gives it a certain charm, there’s an emerging trend that adds a surprising twist to pipe furniture - the integration of smart technology. Today, we will be exploring fresh and inventive DIY projects that incorporate smart features into pipe furniture, demonstrating how a raw, industrial aesthetic can seamlessly blend with cutting-edge technology.


So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having furniture that could interact with your devices, you’re in the right place. Here are some innovative ideas to inspire you.


Computer Desk

Smart Lighting

An easy way to integrate smart features into pipe furniture is to add smart lighting like LED strips or smart bulbs. Pipe lamps are great with Edison light bulbs for an authentic industrial or steampunk vibe. However, you can also use smart light bulbs for a more modern approach.


With a smart bulb, you can change the color to set the tone of the room, make it dimmer or brighter, or set a timer on when it turns on or off - and you can do all this with your smartphone. Another great lighting setup is by adding smart LED strips behind or under your pipe shelving. Like smart bulbs, you can control this using your smartphone.


Integrating Bluetooth Speakers

Another way of integrating cool tech into your DIY pipe furniture is with Bluetooth speakers. There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers to choose from in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one with just the right size that you can integrate into your furniture. You can do this with your coffee table or desk, just remember to use pipes that are broad enough to hold your speakers.

Integrated USB ports

Need a quick way to charge your gadgets but don’t want to crawl under the desk just to reach the outlet? Why not have built-in USB ports on your desk? You can easily buy USB hubs and extension wires and have them built-in into your desk or nightstand. Simply drill a hole to snugly fit a multi-port USB hub and you instantly upgrade your furniture’s functionality.


Built in Wireless Charger

Built-in Wireless Charging

From wireless earbuds to our mobile phones, you can charge gadgets wirelessly with a special wireless charge. These chargers are thin and can easily be integrated into your desks or side tables. It’s a functional upgrade that keeps your devices powered up and your space clutter-free. This can be as simple as security wireless chargers under a thin tabletop surface. Just make sure that the material is thin enough for the charge to pass through. This instantly upgrades normal desks into smart furniture that keeps your gadgets juiced up while being discreet in its design.


Smart Mirror

Didn’t think smart features can extend to your bathroom mirror? By integrating a smart mirror into a DIY pipe frame, you can create a high-tech accessory that can show you information like the weather, your schedule, and even play videos on demand.


Incorporating smart features into DIY pipe furniture opens up a world of possibilities in terms of functionality. It not only adds value to your furniture, but it also enhances the practicality and modern appeal of your DIY furniture. By embracing technology and incorporating these smart features, you’re not only making your home more convenient but also keeping it stylish with a unique industrial charm. So, get creative and start upgrading your DIY pipe furniture today.


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