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PIPE DECOR® Mounted Clothing Rack

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Pipe Clothes Hanger

Do you want to update the look of your bedroom or closet? Adding a wall-mounted pipe clothes hanger can free up space in your wardrobe and add a fun, industrial element to your home. The modern vibe suits a wide variety of aesthetics, so it’s perfect for any room of the house. 

At PIPE DECOR®, we offer a few different kinds of wall-mounted pipe clothes hangers, but this one is quick and easy to build - you can put it together in less than an hour after cleaning and sealing the pipes. No kit? Not to worry! We’ve also included a diagram of the parts you’ll need if you want to assemble your own from loose pipes and fittings. 

wall-mounted pipe clothes hanger


To build a wall-mounted pipe clothes hanger, you will need:

  • Wall-mounted clothing rack kit (all of our kits include hardware)
  • If not using a kit: loose pipes, fittings, and hardware
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder (optional)
  • Level

pipe clothing rack diagram


  1. Start by cleaning and sealing the pipes and fittings included in your kit. Detailed instructions are in the box, but here’s a quick rundown: use a non-abrasive dish soap like Dawn to wipe down all of your pipes and fittings and remove the protective oil that keeps them rust-free during transit. Let them dry completely, then seal them with a clear polyurethane spray. You can also paint them for a pop of color!

  2. Assemble the rack as shown in the diagram above. Tighten the flanges and pipes into the elbows as much as you can by hand, but keep the left flange slightly loose for steps 5-6. It’s important to assemble the rack before drilling the flanges so you’ll know what the final position of the flange holes will be once the pieces are screwed together.

  3. Hold the rack up to the wall in your desired position. Mark the holes of the left flange on the wall with the pencil so you’ll know where to drill. If you would prefer to drill into a wall stud, use your stud finder before marking the wall.

  4. If you are using anchors, pre-drill 3/16” holes at each mark you made on the wall. Do not pre-drill if you are screwing into a stud.

  5. Screw anchors into the pre-drilled holes. Do not over-tighten.

  6. Attach the left flange to the wall using the drill. It should be loose enough for you to move the right flange into position after the left flange has been screwed into the wall.

  7. With the left flange installed, use a level to determine a position for the right flange by rotating the rack and holding it in place. Mark the flange holes on the wall.

  8. Repeat steps 3–5 to install the right side. 

And that’s it! Now you have your very own pipe clothes hanger to help you display your clothes in style. 

If this design isn’t for you, we offer a variety of pipe clothes hanger kits for you to choose from. Shop our full selection here

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