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How PIPE DECOR® Lighting Transforms Your Space Blog Cover

How PIPE DECOR® Lighting Transforms Your Space

Lighting is not just about illumination; it’s a mood, an art, and a statement. It’s the ray of sun that graces your reading nook and the soft glow at night that turns houses into homes. The right lighting can transform the ambiance of a room, evoking emotions and setting the stage for every moment.

PIPE DECOR® lighting does more than just illuminate your space, it sets the mood with its soft glow and striking industrial design. But the magic of PIPE DECOR® lighting lies not just in its industrial charm but in how you weave that charm into your space’s overall design.

From wall-mounted sconces to industrial chandeliers and simple table lamps, each lighting fixture illuminates your space and infuses it with its industrial charm. Let’s dive into some styling tips that can help you harness the full potential of PIPE DECOR® lighting fixtures.

The Magic of Mounted Sconce

The Magic of Mounted Sconce

Let your walls come to life with the warm embrace of a PIPE DECOR® wall-mounted sconce light. These fixtures are more than just light sources, they are conversation pieces that add an edgy sophistication to your walls. Let these sconces guide you in a hallway, or add an aura of elegance in the bathroom to make every reflection in the mirror more flattering.

Styling Tips: Create balance and symmetry by pairing PIPE DECOR® sconces on either side of a statement piece. Place an impressive art piece or a large mirror in between two sconces to create an anchored, harmonious look. The industrial feel of pipes combined with the symmetry brings a sense of order and style to any room.

Black Spider Pendant Light with 4 Adjustable Arms

Versatile Spider Lights

Want lighting that’s spectacular and flexible? The 4-armed Spider Lights from PIPE DECOR® can provide the perfect ambiance in any room - Perfect for setting the mood with great lighting but also doubles as a unique statement piece for any setting. Add a rustic accent with the included wood and pipe bar and turn this statement piece into a modern piece. Each of the four cords is adjustable, allowing you full customization in your design. Want to customize the way it looks? The included pipe bar with wood allows you to wrap the cords to change its overall look.

Styling Tips: Upgrade boring ceilings by turning the PIPE DECOR® Spider Light into a modern chandelier centerpiece. Position it above a dining table or in the center of your living room, and drape each cord on hooks, or other creative fixtures. Adjust each arm’s height to create patterns whenever the mood strikes for a truly customizable decor experience.

Reader Floor Lamp By PIPE DECOR

Elegant Floor Lamps

Fancy yourself a well-lit reading nook but still want to make a statement? PIPE DECOR® floor lamps help define spaces and provide you with proper lighting for your cozy reading nook. Its minimalist design brings form and function to help you carve out corners for quieter moments in style. Next to a lounge chair, they create the perfect reading spot.

Styling Tips: Although this kit is great for reading nooks, it doesn’t mean that it should just be confined in corners. You can place it behind a reading chair to provide over-the-shoulder lighting that’s perfect for reading time. You can also choose a spot where the floor lamp can complement other design elements, and don’t be afraid to move it around to find the perfect lighting angle for your activities.

Reader Table Lamp By PIPE DECOR bought by customer

Dependable Table Lamps

Personal touch meets industrial design with the PIPE DECOR® Table Lamps. These lamps offer both purpose and personality to desks, bedside tables, and sideboards. Whether it’s casting a halo of productivity over your workspace or an additional lighting element to bring out a new dimension to your space, PIPE DECOR® Table Lamps are the perfect fit.

Styling Tips: Table lamps are often used to provide light for tasks on workspaces, but it can also serve as an additional lighting element in your room. Use it for ambient lighting in a guest room to add a welcoming glow and a touch of industrial chic.


Custom Table Lamp by PIPE DECOR Customer


Additional Tips

Creating Scenes with Dimmers

Create scenes with your lighting with dimmers. Dimmers enable you to adjust your light’s brightness from an energetic morning rush or a soft and subdued ambient light for evening relaxation. Dimmers can dramatically alter the ambiance, giving you control over the mood of your space at any time.

Going All Out Industrial

PIPE DECOR® lighting kits have sockets that fit most incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs with a standard E26 or E27-sized base. This means you can choose any bulb you want as long as it fits the socket. You can go with smart bulbs for a more modern touch or with an Edison bulb to cement the industrial look of the pipe lighting fixture.

Playing with Light and Colors

The color of your walls can change the effect of your lighting. Dark walls can make the metallic finish pop, while lighter walls can create a more airy and open space. Consider the interplay of light and color when choosing where to place your lighting fixtures.

Seasonal Swaps

Changing the warmth of your lighting can make your space feel seasonally appropriate and cozy all year round. During winter, use warmer bulbs in your lamps to counteract the cool, blue light that can come with the shorter days of winter. In summer, opt for cooler tones that mimic the bright daylight.

With PIPE DECOR® lighting, every room can be a canvas you can paint with light. Illuminate your space with the industrial elegance of PIPE DECOR® and watch as the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

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