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Image of DIY pipe furniture ideas for the ultimate gaming room, including console station, pipe desk, monitor mount, desk shelves, display shelves, headphone stand, game storage, controller holder, cable organizer, pipe desk lamp, and wall hooks.

Level Up Your Gaming Room with Industrial Pipe Decor

Welcome to the ultimate guide to creating the perfect gaming room! As gamers, we know that our gaming space is more than just a room—it's a sanctuary and a battle station where we relax, unwind, and embark on countless fantastical adventures with friends. Whether you're starting from scratch or simply want to give your gaming room a fresh new look, DIY pipe furniture is an excellent choice to level up your gaming experience. Let's explore some exciting DIY pipe furniture ideas that will transform your gaming room into the ultimate gaming haven.

console table being used for console gamesConsole Station:

Regardless of whether you're gaming on an Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or all of the above, a well-designed console station is essential. Utilize pipes to build a custom ergonomic console station that optimizes your gaming setup, ensuring everything is within reach.

close up image of pipe desk leg features

Pipe Desk:

Your gaming PC is a prized possession, so it deserves a stable and stylish desk. Construct a pipe desk with sturdy pipe legs to provide a secure platform for your gaming rig, monitors, and peripherals. With pipes as your desk legs, you'll have both stability and an eye-catching design.

image of a DIY monitor mount made of industrial pipes and fittings

Monitor Mount:

If you're a PC gamer with a multi-monitor setup or an ultra-wide 4k display, having the right height and angle is crucial. Create a monitor mounting system using pipes that allows for easy adjustment and optimal viewing angles. Attach your VESA-ready monitor to a DIY pipe monitor stand for a sturdy and customizable solution.

DIY pipe and wood monitor riser shelf

Desk Shelves/Monitor Risers:

Achieve the perfect height for your monitors and keep your gaming area organized with desk shelves. These versatile shelves are ideal for both gaming and home office setups. Constructed with pipes and wood, they provide the stability needed to support multi-monitor setups while keeping your gaming area clutter-free.

Getting Organized

Display Shelves:

Proper storage is essential for your game collection, action figures, and gaming consoles. Build simple yet stylish display shelves using pipes and wood. These shelves will showcase your collectibles and keep them easily accessible.

re-purposed pipe headphone stand

Headphone Stand:

Keep your gaming headset secure and stylish by crafting a unique stand with pipes and fittings. This DIY headphone stand will not only keep your headset safe but also add a touch of personalization to your gaming setup.

Game Storage:

Tired of the constant struggle to keep your game collection organized? Take control by creating a personalized storage solution using pipes and fittings. Build custom shelves that perfectly fit the width of your game disks and cartridges. You can assemble pipes and fittings to create a sturdy frame with dedicated spaces for each game. If you prefer a concealed storage option, consider using wooden crates to hide clutter on the shelves, ensuring a clean and organized look in your gaming room.

Controller Holder:

We all know how easy it is to misplace controllers, especially when gaming with friends. Build a practical controller holder using pipes and fittings to keep your controllers organized and always ready for action.

image showing pipe mounted underneath a desk to route wires through the tube

Under-Desk Cable Organizer:

Say goodbye to messy cable setups! Keep your wires hidden and organized with a DIY cable organizer made from pipes, wood, and flanges. Attach it underneath your desk to route your cables through the pipe, creating a wire-free and clean gaming setup.


figurine made of pipe and fittings holding an edison lightbulb

Pipe Desk Lamp:

Lighting sets the mood and ambiance in any room, and your gaming desk is no exception. Build a unique pipe desk lamp by connecting threaded pipes and threading wiring inside. This stylish addition will add both light and character to your gaming setup.

Wall Hooks:

Don't neglect your gaming room's walls! Use pipe wall hooks to hang posters of your favorite games or gaming collectibles, instantly creating a captivating and immersive atmosphere.

Ready to level up your gaming room setup? Look no further than PIPE DECOR. We offer a wide selection of pipes and fittings for all your DIY projects. If you prefer a hassle-free experience, check out our ready-to-install kits. Shop with us today and transform your gaming room into a space you'll never want to leave!

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