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Fall Outdoor Spaces: Bringing Cozy Industrial Style to Your Patio Blog Cover

Fall Outdoor Spaces: Bringing Cozy Industrial Style to Your Patio

With summer long gone, it’s time to redefine the aesthetic of our outdoor spaces and transform them into cozy autumnal retreats. And what better way to do so than with a touch of industrial chic using PIPE DECOR®? Here’s how you can incorporate this edgy yet inviting look into your outdoor spaces.

 Pipe Canopy by Julia

Pipe Canopy Frame - A pipe canopy frame can be a game-changer for outdoor spaces during the fall. Consider making one with vertically standing pipes acting as the main supporting pillars, connected by horizontal pipes forming the top framework.


The robust nature of pipes, especially when using materials like galvanized steel or our noir (matte black) pipes, ensures durability and strength, making them perfect to withstand various weather conditions. Drape your canopy frame with fabrics, lights, or vines for a sheltered feel to create a snug spot perfect for enjoying fall while sipping on your pumpkin spice lattes.

 Pipe Bench and Table by Diane Beachy

Pipe Benches - Providing both form and function, benches made from pipes are both durable and stylish. Add some plush cushions in fall hues and they become the perfect spot to enjoy the crisp autumn air outdoors. Place a bench strategically on your patio to ensure comfortable seating while enhancing the space's aesthetic appeal.


Outdoor Tables with Pipe Legs - Fall is a great time for outdoor gatherings, be it family brunch or an evening with friends around a bonfire. An outdoor table with pipe legs can serve as a focal point for such events, providing a space for pumpkins, lanterns, fall-themed centerpieces, and delicious autumnal treats. You can build one using pipe legs with reclaimed wood as a tabletop for a more eco-friendly DIY build. Not only does this reduce environmental impact, but it also adds a story to your outdoor decor.

 Outdoor Lighting using PIPES

Industrial Lighting Solutions - Daylight dwindles faster during the fall, and a great way to shed some light for those autumn nights is with lighting solutions made with pipes. From holding lanterns to being intertwined with string lights, pipes serve as versatile bases for lighting up your outdoor space. Combining the metallic pipe structure with the warm glow of lights can set the tone for a cozy fall evening.

 PIPE Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes - Want a simple way of enhancing your outdoor aesthetic for the fall season while adding an industrial twist? Consider adding wind chimes made of pipes. Their gentle sounds harmonize with the seasonal rustling of leaves giving your patio a calming vibe.


Garden Edging and Hose Holders - Looking to add subtle touches of industrial style to your outdoor space? Garden edging and hose holders made from pipes are practical choices. They help organize your garden space while adding a metallic contrast to the greenery giving it a unique industrial-chic aesthetic.

 Hanging Plants with Pipes

Hanging Planters - Using pipes to craft these hanging planters offers a delightful blend of industrial and natural aesthetics. These are ideal for suspending fall plants, from cascading ferns to vibrant mums.


By now, you’ve probably had the chance to update your living spaces to match the season. Inspired by fall colors and the vibe the season brings, you’ve transformed your living room, dining room, kitchen, and even your bedroom to invoke the fall season's spirit. As much as fall invites us to emulate its beauty within the confines of our homes, your outdoor spaces need some love as well.


We hope this list has inspired you to cozy up your patio and outdoor spaces for fall. Incorporating these pip-infused elements into your outdoor space promises to enhance its warmth, style, and functionality. As fall approaches, there’s no better time to marry the industrial allure of pipes with the season’s cozy vibes.



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jessie - December 18, 2023

beautiful im making a butcher block table for 9 teens to eat at w32 long 6feet what size will i need for lags would like counter high .

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