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DIY PIPE DECOR® Ornaments: Add a Personal Touch to Your Christmas Tree

DIY PIPE DECOR® Ornaments: Add a Personal Touch to Your Christmas Tree

The Holiday season is the perfect time to get creative and add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. With DIY pipe ornaments, you can create unique, stylish, and personalized decorations that reflect your style and add an industrial chic flair to your festive decor. Here are some inventive ideas, complete with materials and simple step-by-step guides.


Rustic Pipe Candy Cane

This simple ornament can be used both as a Christmas tree decor and added to any of your Christmas decorations. It's easy to build and you can paint it however you want.


1 x 5-inch pipe
2 x 45° elbow
1 x 1 inch closed nipple
2 x caps
Spray paint or colored tape

Guide: Connect the two elbows with the 1-inch closed nipple in the middle. Connect the 5-inch pipe to one of the elbows. Screw on caps to exposed ends. Once the cane has been assembled, you can spray paint it with the color of your choice. Alternatively, you may wrap some colored tape around the ornament.

Chistmas Baubles

Pipe Baubles

These are easy to make. All you need is to paint them with the colors of your choice and thread a string through them to hang them on your Christmas tree. These can be used to replace Christmas balls and to add a touch of industrial chic to your tree.

Small pipes and fittings
Spray paint


Guide: First off, you’ll need to make sure that your pipes and fittings are clean before you start painting. PIPE DECOR® pipes and fittings come pre-coated with oil to prevent rust during storage and transportation. To clean the pipes, simply use dishwashing or de-greasing liquid and warm water to wash them off and wipe them dry with a washcloth. Once the pipes are dry, you can start spray painting them. Since it’s Christmas, you can’t go wrong with red, gold, and silver. But don’t let that stop you from painting it with the colors of your choice. Once the paint is dry, tie a string through the pipes and fittings and hang them on your Christmas tree for a unique industrial Christmas decor.


Industrial Christmas Stocking Hanger

With PIPE DECOR® hooks, you can be sure that your Christmas stockings stay where they are no matter how big or heavy they get. It’s a simple build that you can repurpose for any season.

PIPE DECOR®90 Degree Elbow Wall Hook Kit
Wooden Plank


Guide: First off, follow the instructions on assembling the PIPE DECOR® 90 Degree Elbow Wall Hook Kit. Instructions for assembly are included in the product and are very easy to follow. Once you’re done assembling the hooks, screw them onto a wood plank making sure that they have ample space between them for the stockings to hang. Attach the wood plank with hooks anywhere you want, by the fireplace mantel, near the Christmas tree, or on any wall you fancy. For added Christmas vibes, you may opt to paint it in Christmas colors or add some fairy lights around the hooks.

Mini Christmas Tree

Miniature Pipe Christmas Tree

Don’t have the time and energy to set up a huge Christmas tree in your living room? Or perhaps your space just isn’t big enough for one? Create a unique, industrial-themed miniature Christmas tree entirely out of pipes - a perfect centerpiece or festive accent for any space.


Assorted lengths of small pipes 6-way fittings Flanges caps Spray paint


Guide: Start by creating the base of the tree using the four largest pipe pieces connected with a 6-way fitting. Add elbows to the ends of each pipe and attach a flange to the other ends of the elbows. Once done, you should have a base for your pipe Christmas tree with four legs.

From here, attach a pipe to the 6-way fitting and add another 6-way fitting. Now connect pipes with shorter lengths than the base to the 6-way fitting to create the first layer of the branches. You can choose to place a cap on each end of the pipes or leave them exposed.

Add short pipes to the top of the exposed 6-way fitting and add another 6-way fitting for the succeeding layers. Each layer of branches should have shorter pipes than the branches beneath them to create the tree shape. Continue building until you’ve reached the desired height with the shortest pipes for branches at the top.

Once the tree is assembled, choose the colors of your choice and start spray painting. Alternatively, you can also leave it as is to give it a more industrial look. Once the paint is dry, you may add finishing touches like hanging ornaments or lights.

For the top, you can simply place a cap on it to give it a clean look or go the extra mile and add more trinkets. You can even thread a wire from the bottom of the base and attach a star-shaped light source on top to complete the Christmas tree.

Crafting your own pipe ornaments is a wonderful way to personalize your Christmas tree and bring an industrial flair to your holiday decor. Each of these designs offers a unique and stylish way to celebrate the season, making your tree the center of your festive celebrations. Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

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