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Designing with Bold Colors: Making a Statement in Your Space

Designing with Bold Colors: Making a Statement in Your Space

Making bold design choices creates dynamic environments that are as spirited as the people living in them. Incorporating bold colors into your home is about making a statement, a declaration of your style.

And what better way to accentuate these bold colors than with the industrial charm of PIPE DECOR’s brass and galvanized accents? Let’s embark on a journey through the rich spectrum of bold colors and discover how to weave them into your home’s design.

Decorating With Bold Colors

Any room is a blank canvas, and you can paint it however you like. But if you want something that pots, try your hand at bold colors. Bold colors can turn any boring room into something breathtaking. Whether you’re drawn to the intensity of sapphire blue or the zest of lime green, bold colors can set the stage for a whole new mood.

But don’t just go painting wildly. The secret to nailing bold colors is intention. It’s not just about what color you want, it’s also about where and how you use it. You can go with something as simple as a single accent wall to make the color pop even more, isolating it from the neutral hues of the space.

A collection of vibrant throw pillows is an easy way to accessorize with bold colors and goes well with any aesthetic, given the right color combination.

Bold also doesn’t always mean bright. You can also make a bold statement by thoughtfully using rich, dark hues in your decor.

Tips On Decorating With Bold Colors

Solitaire Kitchen Table By PIPE DECOR bought and customized by the customer

MIX Textures

Combine different materials and textures to add complexity and contrast against bold colors. Soft, plush fabrics like velvet can offer a luxurious feel, while rough, industrial metals provide a captivating stark contrast. This mixture of textures makes the space more dynamic and sensory.

Reader Table Lamp By PIPE DECOR customized by a customer

Layer Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial part in showcasing bold colors and statement pieces. Combine ambient lighting with accent and task lighting to illuminate different areas of the room. This highlights architectural features and artwork and also adds warmth to the bold colors used in your decor.

Loop Coffee Table By PIPE DECOR bought by a customer and paired with a white table top

Play With Patterns

Add playful elements to spaces with bold colors by introducing patterns through textiles like throw pillows, curtains, and rugs. Choose patterns that complement your statement wall or furniture pieces to create a cohesive look that is also visually engaging.

90 Degree Elbow Wall Hook Kit (2 Pack) in a wood by a customer

Personalize with Accessories

Add personal touches by displaying collections and photos in bold colors that tie back to your main color scheme. These details make the space uniquely yours and complete your bold design statement.

PIPE DECOR Shelf and Table bought by a Customer

Keep It Balanced

While it’s certainly exciting to go all out with bold colors, remember to balance it with neutral tones and simpler elements to prevent the spacer from becoming overwhelming. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and plants help balance the intensity of bold colors and also add warmth and makes the space feel more inviting.

Accenting Bold Colors With PIPE DECOR®

If you’re looking for pieces to accent your display of bold colors, PIPE DECOR® brass, and galvanized pipes and fittings are the perfect choices. These specially-finished pipes can stand on their own when it comes to aesthetics, but when paired with bold colors, it creates a unique, industrial look that is sure to be noticed.

Brass Fittings with Black Pipe custom made by a customer


PIPE DECOR® brass pipes and fittings give a warm, inviting vibe that makes any color sing. Their golden hues offer a warm counterbalance that can soften even the strongest shades. They act as a counterpoint to draw the eyes and complement the bold colors that surround them. Brass pipes can inject a room with nostalgia or a dash of contemporary flair. The contrast of the soft glow of brass against a backdrop of bold colors elevates any room’s aesthetic.

 115 in. Galvanized Wall Mounted Clothing Rack, Triple


On the flip side, galvanized pieces offer a cooler tone with just the right industrial touch. The soft, silvery finish of galvanized pipes is more than just a neutral backdrop for your bold color choices. Against a backdrop of bold colors, it creates a symphony where the industrial edge of galvanized accents creates a perfect harmony with the drama of bold colors. It’s a beautiful blend of modern chic with a nod to the nostalgic, proving that the most impactful statements are made in the most subtle ways.

Diving into using bold colors in your home decor is an adventure in self-expression. With PIPE DECOR® brass and galvanized pipes and fittings, you have the perfect companions to help you navigate this colorful journey.

Ready to start your design journey with bold colors? Explore our collection and transform your space today.



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