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PIPE DECOR® Desk Table for your home

7 Creative Pipe Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Pipe furniture is a trend that’s here to stay. The great news is that it’s easy to make your own, at any budget level! All you need is some pipes, hardware, and a little imagination. 

If you want to get on board with this craze but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Here are 7 ideas for creative pipe furniture projects that you can make at home, no professional experience needed.

1. Wall Storage

Running out of storage space in your kitchen? A few pipe wall hooks can transform a blank wall into a gallery of pots and pans! Pipe hooks can be used in mudrooms as a place to hang coats and purses, in workshops to keep cords and tools organized, or in closets to corral belts and accessories. The possibilities are endless!

2. Clothing Rack

If you prefer a more industrial vibe for your home or own a small retail store, a pipe clothing rack can really elevate the look of your space. As far as pipe furniture goes, this is a great way to make a statement no matter what aesthetic you’re going for overall. We offer wall-mounted and wall-and-floor-mounted DIY pipe clothing rack kits so you can get your closet organized in just one weekend. 


3. Coffee Table

A coffee table can be the piece that pulls your living room together, so why not make it count? A pipe coffee table can bring a modern twist to any home. It’s more subtle than other types of pipe furniture, so you can embrace the trend without overcommitting. 


4. Door Handle

If you’re not sure you want to fully embrace the pipe furniture aesthetic, why not dip your toes in with an accent piece? Barn doors are a fun way to incorporate a rustic look into your decor, and you can tackle the trend with a barn door handle made completely out of pipes and fittings.

5. Wine Bottle Holder

Show your love of wine in style with a DIY wine bottle holder! This gravity-defying display will wow your guests in your kitchen or living room. It can hold four bottles, so don’t be afraid to stock up!

6. Table Lamp  

Did you know you can make your own DIY pipe lamp in just a few minutes? Don’t be scared off at the prospect of electrical work - our kits include everything you need except a light bulb, so you can build a functional desk lamp in no time flat. We recommend using an Edison bulb with the finished product for a truly industrial look! 

7. Bar Cart

Love the look of a bar cart? You can make your own with a little creativity! All you need are the pipes and flanges of your choice, some wood for the shelves, and swivel casters to make it roll around. Our pipes and fittings are the perfect way for you to build pipe furniture like this customizable bar cart from scratch.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to see your PIPE DECOR® creations! Tag us on Instagram (we’re @pipedecor) and show us what pipe furniture creations you’re working on. 

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