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5 Benefits of Building with Pipe

5 Benefits of Building with Pipe

With all of the tutorials available online, just about anyone can get into the world of DIY. Building your own furniture is a great way to express yourself and create unique designs, but it’s important to choose the right materials for your project.

One of the most popular materials to use in DIY furniture is industrial pipe. Pipes offer a distinct look and are easy to use. Here are 5 benefits of choosing pipes as your next building material.

1. Low Price

People think that custom-building your furniture is more expensive than buying from big box stores, but this can’t be farther from the truth. If you’re planning on a DIY project anytime soon, you’d be benefiting from the low cost of using industrial pipes as materials.

2. Easily Accessible

A good DIY material should be easy to find and readily available. It can be such a hassle planning out a DIY build only to find out that the materials you need are nowhere to be found. Pipes are pretty universal. You can find them at any hardware stores or you can order them online. PIPE DECOR® has a huge selection of pipes and fittings to choose from—check it out!

3. Versatility

Pipes are extremely versatile materials for DIY projects. With a huge range of sizes to choose from, you can put the pieces together to create almost anything, from simple wall hooks to complex builds like a loft bed/workstation combo.

Pipes are threaded, which makes them easy to screw together. This means it's a cinch to assemble DIY builds with unique designs. It’s even possible to do a whole project without using any tools. When building with pipes, the only limit is your imagination.

4. Unique Look

One of the best reasons to build with pipe is the unique look you can achieve with your DIY creations. Pipes are industrial and heavy-duty, and they suit a variety of aesthetics: urban, modern, steampunk, rustic farmhouse, and more.

Pipes also come in a variety of different finishes so you can really customize your project. From galvanized to brass to regular black steel, building with pipe gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired look.

5. Durability

Pipes are made of real steel. This means that your pipe project will be able to stand the test of time. Pipes can support hundreds of pounds of weight when assembled correctly, making them the perfect material to build shelving units, tables, clothing racks, and more. When you build with pipes, you can guarantee that your project will be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Are you planning your very own DIY pipe build? PIPE DECOR® offers a variety of pipes and fittings that you can use for your next DIY project. You can choose from regular black pipes, galvanized pipes, brass pipes, or our Noir line of matte pipes.

Too strapped for time to design your own furniture? No worries! We also offer furniture kits with our own unique designs that you can easily assemble yourself, no planning required. Shop today!

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