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Collage of affordable home decor refresh ideas: decluttering, furniture rearrangement, updated lighting, pop of color, hardware update, DIY furniture, and adding greenery by PIPE DECOR.

7 Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

When it comes to updating your home decor, you don't have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable ways to refresh your space and give it a brand-new look without spending a fortune. From simple solutions that cost nothing tobudget-friendly DIY projects, here are some ways to refresh your home decor.

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1. Get rid of clutter.

Getting rid of clutter is essential before thinking about adding new furniture and accessories to your space. Take the time to declutter your home, and you may find that you don't even need to do much else other than clear out the junk.

2. Rearrange existing furniture.

Rearranging furniture can also be a great way to revitalize a space without spending any money. Whether in the living room or kitchen, rearranging items is an easy and inexpensive way to change up the look and feel of your home.

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3. Update your lighting.

Updating lighting can make a big difference in the ambience of a room. Investing in good light fixtures can have an impact on the overall look of the space, as well as helping to save energy costs by opting for LED bulbs. Adding table lamps and floor lamps provides more sources of light while also serving a decorative purpose, all without costing much money.

4. Add a pop of color.

Another easy and affordable way to refresh your home decor is by adding a pop of color. Add a colorful rug to your sitting room, swap out throw pillows with brighter alternatives, paint an accent wall, or hang livelier artwork on your walls. Just remember to choose hues that complement your existing decor and inject some personality into your space.

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5. Update your hardware.

It’s amazing how small modifications can make a big difference in your overall aesthetic. You don’t have to go all-out just to revamp your space. Sometimes, it can be as simple as changing the existing hardware on your cabinets or drawers.

Updating cabinet hardware, door handles, and drawer pulls is one cost-effective and simple way to give your space a new look. You can find a broad selection of inexpensive options online or at your local hardware store. You can even get imaginative and employ unconventional materials repurposed as hardware.

6. Make some DIY furniture.

Why spend more when you can acquire what you need for less? Crafting your own furniture is an economical way to add to your current design and update your space. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online on diverse furniture builds to invigorate your home decor. From uncomplicated wall-mounted shelves to unique industrial pipe table lamps, you can refresh your space with furniture you made yourself.

PIPE DECOR has a huge selection of DIY furniture kits that include everything you need to get started. Shop our website today!

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7. Bring in some greenery.

Plants are an excellent way to infuse life into your space without breaking the bank. They can help make any room feel vibrant and inviting while also improving air quality. You don’t need a green thumb to introduce plants into your decor. There are numerous indoor plants that are pet- and child-friendly but are also low-maintenance - perfect if you’re just starting out with indoor plants.

Refreshing your home decor can be a very rewarding experience, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash. By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to giving your space that brand-new look it needs. 

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