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6 DIY Pipe Furniture Ideas to Prep Your Home For The Fall Season

Fall provides a beautiful canvas to give your home a seasonal refresh. This year, lean into the industrial charm of PIPE DECOR to prepare your living spaces for autumn with an industrial twist. Here are 6 DIY pipe furniture ideas to prep your home for fall.


 PIPE DECOR® Console/Entry Table Blog Image

Pipe Console Table for the Entryway

Set the tone for the season right at your home’s entrance with a pipe console table. Pipes and wood are a perfect combination as the pipes give your console table a cold industrial touch but are complemented well with the warmth of natural wood. Top it off with fall-themed trinkets - pumpkin carvings, scented candles, or a bowl of pinecones - and you’ll have yourself a welcoming autumnal aura each time you step inside your home.

 PIPE DECOR® Coat Rack

Industrial Pipe Coat Rack

Fall is the season of layering, and a great functional addition to your fall decor is a pipe coat rack. Pipes are sturdy and durable, so you can be sure that the pipe coat rack can handle the weight of your coats. Not only does it provide a durable and functional fixture to your home, but its rustic aesthetic also complements the earthy tones of autumn. Drape it with your fall outerwear of woolen coats, plaid scarves, and knitted cardigans and you can instantly infuse your home with the spirit of fall.

 PIPE DECOR® Candle Holder

Rustic Pipe Candle Holder

Looking for the perfect fall centerpiece but don’t know where to start? A quick and easy DIY pipe candle holder should do the trick. With a few pipes and fittings, you can give an industrial edge to your centerpiece. Pair it with pumpkin-spiced or cinnamon-scented candles with the colors of the season and add a few more fall trinkets around it to create a centerpiece that exudes both visual and aromatic autumnal vibes.

 PIPE DECOR® Book Shelf

Pipe Bookshelves for Fall Reads

Fall is a great season to curl up in a corner and catch up on some reading. And the perfect DIY project for this is a pipe bookshelf. With a few pipes, fittings, and wood boards, you can quickly assemble a stylish bookshelf to house all your autumn reads. Add in some fall decor and trinkets like fall-themed bookends or even adorn it with dried leaves and wigs, and it can become a seasonal highlight in your living space.

 PIPE DECOR® Pipe Lamp

Industrial Pipe Lamps for Ambient Lighting

This season is all about ambiance. And what better way to prep your ambiance for fall than with pipe lamps? Layering warm ambient lights in your living space can set a warm tone that goes great with the fall season. These are easy to make with a few pipes, fittings, a wiring kit, and a light bulb. Designing a standing or tabletop lamp using pipes and a vintage bulb or Edison light bulb creates a moody, ambient light ideal for those shorter fall days.

 PIPE DECOR® Shelf/Plant Holder

Pipe Plant Holders for Indoor Greens

A great way to prep your living space for fall is by including indoor plants in your design. And while a standing pot holder can be a great addition to your space, you can go for a more stylish approach with hanging pot holders. With a few pipes and fittings, create an anchor you can fix to the ceiling, attach hanging pot holders, and place in your plants for an airy autumn vibe.


Fall is a season of warmth and transformation. We hope these simple DIY projects sparked some inspiration in you to transform your space this fall. By blending the industrial charm of pipes with the season’s rich tones and elements, you can create a home that’s both chic and perfectly attuned to autumn’s cozy spirit. And prepping your home to transition to this season is made easier with the help of PIPE DECOR®. So if you need materials for any DIY project you have in mind, don’t hesitate to check out our products. From pipes and fittings, to ready to ready-to-assemble kits, you’ll be sure to find a piece to help decorate your living space in preparation for fall.


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