Modern living room showcasing summer décor trends with industrial-style pipe furniture, including a sleek coffee table, shelving unit, and pendant lights, adding a fresh and contemporary touch to the space.

5 Summer Decor Trends to Try with Pipe Furniture

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to refresh your living spaces with some trendy and fun decor! If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile, and durable option, pipe furniture is the way to go. Grab your iced coffee, sit back, and let’s explore five summer decor trends with pipe furniture to turn your space into a modern summer oasis!

1. Go Bold with Bright Colors

Eclectic living room featuring vibrant summer décor trends with a mix of bold patterns, rich colors, and luxurious textures. The space includes a unique white coffee table, colorful throw pillows, and a striking floral artwork, creating an inviting and stylish atmosphere.

Inject Some Color into Your Space Summer is all about vibrant, bold colors that make your home feel alive. Think sunny yellows, ocean blues, and lush greens. Pipe furniture can be the perfect canvas for these bright hues. Imagine a pipe shelving unit painted in lively turquoise or a bright yellow pipe coffee table. The contrast between industrial pipes and cheerful colors creates a unique, eye-catching look that screams summer fun.

Easy DIY Tip: Give old pipe furniture a fresh coat of paint in a bright, summery color. It's an easy and cost-effective way to update your decor!

2. Embrace Nature with Indoor Plants

Charming corner with summer décor trends, featuring a modern plant stand made from pipe furniture. The stand holds potted plants, including orchids and ferns, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to the living space.

Create Your Urban Jungle Bringing the outdoors in is a timeless summer trend. Plants improve air quality and add a refreshing touch to any room. Use pipe furniture to create stylish plant stands or shelves. The minimalist design of pipe furniture complements lush greenery, creating a balanced and serene environment.

Perfect Plant Pairing: Use a tiered pipe shelf to display a variety of potted plants. Mix and match different species for a dynamic look that brings your living room to life.

3. Mix and Match Textures

Stylish living room with tan leather sofa, southwestern décor, horse-themed wall art, and geometric patterned rug.

Add Depth and Interest Summer decor is all about light, breezy fabrics and interesting textures. Pair sleek pipe furniture with soft cushions, woven throws, and textured rugs to add depth and comfort, making your spaces inviting and cozy.

Texture Tips: Drape a woven throw over a pipe-framed chair or add textured cushions to a pipe sofa. The contrast between industrial pipes and soft fabrics creates a visually appealing and comfortable space.

4. Create an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor patio with black metal chairs, wooden table with pipe legs, and lush greenery surrounding a fountain.

Take Pipe Furniture Outdoors Who says pipe furniture is only for indoors? Use the warm weather to create an outdoor living area with stylish pipe furniture. A pipe dining table or bench can make your patio the perfect spot for summer gatherings. Add comfy cushions and string lights to create an outdoor oasis ideal for relaxing or entertaining.

Outdoor Must-Have: A pipe bar cart is a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. It’s practical for serving drinks and snacks, and it adds a touch of industrial chic to your patio decor.

5. Personalize with DIY Projects

Pipe clothing rack with summer wardrobe neatly arranged.

Make It Your Own One of the best things about pipe furniture is its versatility and ease of customization. This summer, get creative with DIY projects that reflect your personal style. Build a custom pipe bookshelf, unique lighting fixture, or even a pipe-frame hammock stand. The possibilities are endless, and the result is a space that is uniquely yours.

DIY Inspiration: Build a custom pipe clothing rack for your bedroom or entryway. It's functional, adds an industrial touch to your decor, and is a fun project that you can easily adjust to fit your space.

This summer, breathe new life into your home with these trendy decor ideas using pipe furniture.  Embrace your creativity and make your space a stylish summer retreat that you'll love all season long.

Pipe furniture is not just a trend; it's a versatile and durable option that can adapt to any style. So why wait? Start your summer decor makeover today and transform your home into a chic and vibrant sanctuary! Happy decorating!

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