How to install and build the industrial decor of your dream.


Everything usually ships the same day before 2pm if places before noon. Default shipping time is UPS ground.

Some orders over 40 pieces might end up shipping the next day. 

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What are the décor kit dimensions?

All the infographics on our kitchen and desk kits include measurements of just the pipe by itself.

Can a glass tabletop be used?

Yes, but rubber bumpers should be placed in the holes of the top flanges to prevent sliding or scratching.

How to make a desk customization?

Our desks can be extended with 1/2in pipe and an additional coupling but adding a support leg is difficult to connect.

What would you recommend for tables and desks over 5 feet wide?

It’s recommended to build an H leg like our H desk kit with a 3/4 in pipe to meet your specs.

Can you customize a kit for me?

Kits cannot be customized. You can buy extra pipe to modify it but we do not remove pieces from the kits we currently have.

What size fittings do the desk kits use?

3/4in for the legs and 1/2in for the crossbars.

What height is the crossbar pipe on the H and X style desk leg kits?

10 inches.

I've been looking at your desk kits. I need a desk that's about 65 inches, would this support that?

All of our desks would support that size and weight, but you might want to extend it a little.

Can I use a larger desk top size?

Any of our desks can support table tops up to 6ft without modification. Sizes larger than six feet should have additional legs added for support and room to move around.

What length are the center nipples on the turnpike End Table Kit?


Do you have any standing desk/ adjustable standing desk options?

We do not have a standing/bar or adjustable desk options yet.

What is the best best type of wood for shelving/tabletops?

We have used 1.5 in thick pine side glued panels you can find at your local store. Ikea also offers great precut options.



I’m trying to build a customized bookshelf with a 12" clearance between shelves.

You can use 12in flange legs to build a bookshelf like this.

Do you do custom length pipe?

We currently do not do custom cut length, but you can take the pipe to any hardware store and they can usually cut and thread pipe.

Can the H-model be extended to countertop height (36”)?

Yes, Change the bottom legs from 8in to 16in (or 14in if your tabletop is 2in thick)

I’m looking for legs at least 48 inches or so for a sofa/bar table, do you sell that?

Legs with 36in pipe at the top, a tee, and then 10in at the bottom should be just about 48 inches.

I want a specific length for the table legs, do you have that in a kit?

Using our single pipe and fittings you can make any kit possible with pipe.

Cleaning and Sealing

What can I use to clean the pipe and fittings?

We recommend using cleaning wipes or simply rub them with a dry or damp cloth. Then seal with a polyurethane spray as soon as possible. Soap and water can be used on the pipe but not the fittings.

Do you take care of the sealing of the pipes first?

The pipe and fittings are coated in a rust preventative oil. They can be wiped down or cleaned and then sprayed with polyurethane to seal. You can use them as is, but they might get you dirty. Seal them before putting the kit together but be careful to not cake it on the threads.

What kind of spray to use when sealing pipe?

We recommend Rustoleum polyurethane semi-gloss for the best natural finish.

Does Minwax for woodwork for pipes too?

Yes, it does!

Can the pipe and fittings be cleaned with brake fluid?

Basic cleaning wipes and then sealing them will work just fine. Fittings you can give a rough rubbing with a clean washcloth and some water or sprayed with a cleaning solution and then seal right after.


Screw size of all flanges?

3/8 in to 1 in flange have .25in holes. 1 1/4in to 2in flanges use .34in holes. 

Do you sell your black iron 45-degree elbows in bulk?

Yes, our bulk options should be up in October for all items.

Wondering if the 6" Flange bracket will accommodate a 12" deep shelf?

Yes, that will work. Our elbow shelf brackets can support a 12 in shelf and down to a 4 in shelf.

Do you carry 1” fittings that accept Allen screws instead of treading them in?

All our pipe and fittings are threaded.

What are the dimensions of the square flange?

1/2in 3/4in and 1in are 3in, 3.25, and 3.5in square.

Do you carry a Tee with 1" openings on the long sides and 1/2" opening on the Tee side?

We are expecting to have these in stock October 2020


What is the weight limit for pipes?

This is an industrial produced schedule 40 welded steel. 1/2in pipe legs can easily hold several hundred lbs. The larger pipe is more stable because of the larger flange size.

What is the external diameter of the 1/2in pipe?

.85 in is the external diameter.

Are pipes and flanges the same color?

The pipes are schedule 40 steel and the fittings are Cast iron. The fittings tend to be greyer. There is a small color difference. You can clean and seal a kit with any color enamel spray paint though.

Can the kit be made using a larger pipe?

1 1/4, 1 1/2, and 2IN pipe kits and single pieces will be available in October 2020 for customers to build kits in any size pipe they want.


How to know when an item will be back in stock?

We regularly restock our supplies. Send us an email and we will give you an estimated date.

Is a bulk discount available?

Email to speak to our wholesale member.

Do you have barstools?

We do not have any bar stools yet but are working on it, stay tuned.

Can I use the kits outdoors?

Even with rigorous cleaning and sealing using our tables outside might result in rusting. I would recommend painting it with enamel color.

Do you sell wood too?

We are partnered with a sustainable wood provider in the American southwest. Our restore line of shelves uses this wood. We started selling this wood separately. It is pre-cut and stained for 24in and 36in shelves.


  - Screw into studs when possible. anchored shelves can only hold up to 50lbs. Stud shelves can hold 100+ lbs. The wood will fail before the flange does. 

- Straight Bracket shelves should be .5 IN longer than the shelf you want to put up. 8 in pipe for a 7.5 in shelf.45


  - Screw into studs when possible. anchored shelves can only hold up to 50lbs. Stud shelves can hold 100+ lbs. The wood will fail before the flange does. 

- Straight Bracket shelves should be .5 IN longer than the shelf you want to put up. 8 in pipe for a 7.5 in shelf.45


- 4 legs for 2-4.9 ft
- 6 Legs for 5-7.9 ft
- 8 legs for 8-12 ft

- Pipe legs can hold several hundred lbs per set of 4. The strength of your table top is more important to the strength of your table or desk.

- 3/4 in screws are provided in leg kits only 4 per leg.

- H legs are sturdier than normal legs. Adding the cross bar is more stable and is encouraged for larger projects. 


If you want to build something like this pipe loop please reconsider. It does not work as it is show. It wont be even or rigid.  

This is called a closed loop. To make one you need to use one or more unions. Unions tend to add an unspecified length to your kit. Usually requiring a second union to the same set of parts on the other side of your kit.

Hooks and Wall mounted things are usually 1/2in a good trade off between size and weight. weight of pipe doubles between 1 in and 1/2 in pipe.

3/4in and 1in diameter pipe are perfect for legs and floor mounted projects that need the extra strength.


We cannot guarantee a street elbow will be full tightened when facing in the direction you intend it to be for your project.

We recommend using a thread locker to lock the fitting in the direction you want. We use this method in out spider and roots end table kits.