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If you have never worked with iron pipe and pipe fittings, this is a good way to get acquainted with the media. This is an easy project to start.

Samples of different sizes of pipe diameters

Just a few fundamentals about pipe and fittings. When you go to buy them, you’ll need to know a few things. There is the diameter of the pipe and the pipe fitting that will fit with it.

For this project, you’ll need iron flanges and some pipe connectors.

I used  1/2-inch pipe, the most common size. At the hardware store(you can only get these at a hardware store or online), pipe diameters come in a lot of sizes. A 3/8-inch pipe is thinner than a 1/2-inch and a 1-inch is bigger. These are their sizes.

You’ll see a description of “12×2” the “12” means it’s a 1/2inch diameter and the “2” indicates its 2-inches length. The fittings will also indicate for example, that it’s a 1/2-inch flange. The “1/2” means a 1/2-inch pipe can be threaded into this flange. You must match the diameter sizes of the pipe connector you’re using with the pipe fittings.




Easy and quick
All you need are three items-these are 1/2-inch flanges and a 1/2-inch x 4-inch pipe connector.


Start by attaching one flange to one end of the pipe connector, this is why it’s important to match the diameter. If you accidentally buy two different sizes, it won’t work.
Finish it by attaching the second flange to the open end of the pipe connector and it’s done!


Now it’s complete!

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